College experiences can vary dramatically depending on your university and major. But there is one thing every student will do before they graduate: write a paper.

In fact, most students will write several, and we’re here to help! Ace your next paper using these free apps and websites:

This app corrects more than 250 types of grammatical mistakes, and catches contextual spelling errors and poor vocabulary usage.

This app helps make your writing bold and clear by highlighting long, complex sentences, and common errors. It also suggests replacements for overcomplicated phrases and picks out passive voice.

Tip of My Tongue
Have a specific word in mind, but can’t remember exactly what it is? This site is just what you need. Use letters, part of the word, its meaning, or what it sounds like to hit on the one you’re thinking of.

This site is useful for anyone who thinks they might be speaking redundantly or repetitively. Copy and paste text into a box and WordCounter will count and rank word frequency.

If you live at Cayce Cove near the University of South Carolina or South Duff near Iowa State University, you can type up and print papers for free in your apartment community’s on-site computer center. Convenient, right?!