4 Rental Home Maintenance Tips For Fall

4 Fall Rental Home Maintenance Tips

Fall is the perfect time of year when you can prepare your home for the transition from summer to winter.

Most apartment owners or renters do not have to worry about roofing, gardening or any other exterior maintenance like house dwellers do.

However, those living in an apartment or rental home may have their fair share of fall maintenance to deal with. To avoid freezing or other problems when the temperature starts to drop, take a look at these rental home maintenance tips for fall to either implement yourself or remind your landlord to take care of.


Check Windows and Doors for Drafts

Inefficient heating in your apartment is caused mostly by conditioned air that gets lost through the windows and doors. Make sure to check all the windows of your apartment to see if they are sealed, caulked and that the window frames are in good condition.

You can add heavy curtains around the windows which will help to minimize drafts and block potential air infiltration or leakage. If your apartment still feels drafty, consider adding draft stoppers at the doors or laying down some carpets.


Change the Filters in Your Home

Whether you are using a radiator or central air conditioning system, it is essential to use proper maintenance techniques to make sure they function efficiently.

Cleaning air vents and radiator coils from dust is an integral part of maintenance for these systems as it will help them run in optimum condition. When it comes to radiators, you should also bleed your hot water radiators at least once a year, and the start of winter is a great time.

Apart from that, filters should be changed in stove vents, clothes dryers, and fans when needed.


Repair Leaky Faucets

No one wants to struggle with water problems when the winter arrives, especially with leaky faucets. Examine the taps in the kitchen, bathrooms and other locations of your apartment and see whether they are leaking or not.

Dripping pipes or a drain that is draining slower than usual should be taken care of in the fall so that you do not have to deal with a cold, wet mess in the dead of winter. As soon as you notice a clog, it is best to unclog it immediately because the longer you wait, the more complicated it can become.


Organize Your Closets

If you live in an apartment with limited closet space, then you already understand the hassle of packing and unpacking season clothes. Start by packing away the beachwear and equipment to make space for the winter clothes.

By doing this task in fall, you spare yourself a frantic search on the day the first cold strikes. While you are at it, you can also air out your winter blankets and throw-carpets to get yourself in the winter vibe.


Final Thoughts

Fall makes the ideal time for home maintenance because as the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, you will be spending more time indoors anyway. Once you have finished your fall maintenance checklist, you can happily enjoy your cozy apartment, and this will leave you with more time to prepare for the festive season ahead!



Mattea Jacobs

Mattea Jacobs

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Mattea Jacobs is a freelance writer who mostly writes about both interior and exterior home design, and environmentally-friendly ways to improve homes. She is also a green activist and a mother of two beautiful sons.

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