Throwing a Grown Up Halloween Party

Halloween is right around the corner and we’re getting into the holiday spirit!  Halloween parties aren’t just for kids, but a touch of sophistication can take your gathering from cheesy to classy in an instant.  Here are some of our favorite picks for throwing a grown up Halloween party!

Frightful Furnishings

For last minute decor to set the spooky scene, head over to one of our favorite places, World Market (or to their webpage).  Here are a few items that caught our eye this season:

Throwing A Grown Up Halloween Party
Fluffy Owls walk the line between cute and creepy expertly! Source:
Throwing A Grown Up Halloween Party
These Halloween Potion Bottles are perfect for holding specialty cocktails or mocktails for the evening! Source:
Throwing A Grown Up Halloween Party
These Papel de Picado Pillar Candles are pretty enough to use year round! source:

Ready to find your next apartment?

Dreadful DIY

If you’re up for rolling up your sleeves to personalize the festivities, check out these fun projects:

how to throw a grown up halloween party
Leave it to Martha and her team to dream up this adorable ombre spiderweb pumpkin! source:
how to throw an adult halloween party
These dashing little ghouls are a fun an easy project for all ages. source:
throwing a grown up halloween party
The cat lover amongst us (ahem, Maddie) is flipping over these adorable and creative black cat pumpkins! source:


Bone-Chilling Bites

These fun and healthy nibbles will fill you up without filling you out!

Sophisticated Halloween Party
These happy little jack-o-lanterns are made from delicious sweet potatoes! source:
Halloween Veggie Skeleton
Just because it’s for grown-ups doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! We love this veggie skeleton with a bowl of dip for the head. source:
Sub the sour cream for plain greek yogurt for an extra protein punch in this graveyard bean dip! source:


Spooky Sweets

After those healthy bites, you’ve earned yourself a sweet treat! Here’s a few recipes we’ll be testing this year.

Adult Halloween Party
Jack Skellington fans will love this take on the classic candy apple. source:
halloween treats
Swap out the typical popsicle or ice cream pop for these healthy and playful “boo”-nana pops! source: skinny
grown up halloween party
Go super-sophisticated with these ghostly poached pears. source: wag


Supernatural Spirits

No party is complete without some libations to keep everyone in good “spirits”!

The morticia champagne cocktail
This gorgeous cocktail, the “Morticia”, would be welcome in our glass anytime of year, but the black sugar rim just screams Halloween. source:
throwing a halloween party
This mysterious looking libation called “The Conjuring” makes for a perfect night cap. source:


halloween pumpkin keg
There’s no need to leave beer drinkers out of the seasonal fun; turn a pumpkin into a keg for serving with this tutorial! source:


We can’t wait to test out some of these recipes and ideas! What do you have planned for this spooktacular holiday?


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