Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Gifts for Your Friends Filled with Wanderlust

Holiday gift Guide |Shopping Guide | Gifts for Travelers
We know how hard finding the perfect holiday gift can be.  This year, as our gift to you, we did some early holiday shopping and created this set of gift guides to help!  This edition is full of gifts to give your travel loving friends.  It’s full of the items you typically wish you had but always forget to buy ahead of time!  So give these awesome travel gifts, inspire your friends to plan their next adventure, and then take credit for their vacation 😉

Pocket Size Toilet Spritz

Whether it’s your first overnight with your new amore or tight quarters on a cruise ship with your bff…you and your travel companion will be thankful for this pocket toilet spritz!

*This is an affiliate post, which means if you purchase something, Apartminty may get something in return. Thanks.*

Collapsible Water Bottle

as someone who is in an airport every single week, there’s nothing more annoying than the cost of a bottle of water at the airport…and I’m always thirsty.  That’s why the collapsible bottle was a revelation!  It clips onto my bag, so I always have it with me and when it’s not in use it’s super compact.  But as soon as I get through the security line, I can fill it up at the water fountain and we’re in business…without breaking the bank!

Tank Top with Secret Pockets

We’re forever being warned about pickpocketers…I guess that’s just the case in any tourist location.  This tank top solves the worry by having two compartments under your arms for your cash, hotel room key or even passport.  This is especially awesome for any of your friends that hate to carry a purse!

Vlando Portable Jewelry Roll

This compact jewelry organizer is the perfect travel companion.  It packs easy, takes up almost no space in your carry on and it keeps everything from getting tangled! Plus, if your vacation is going to be posted on Instagram, you’re going to need all your statement pieces with you!

Ello Ceramic Travel Mug

This is a must-have travel accessory for any road trip.  You don’t want to be stuck with me in a car for too long without my coffee! Besides being beautiful the Ello travel mug is also dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Insect Shield Sport Crew Socks

Bug bites are the worst!  Also, the idea of bug bites can be a bit scary with Zika still being a threat in some countries.  All the more reason to pick up a pair of these Insect Shield socks.  The repellent lasts for about 70 washes and doesn’t require any extra care.

JOTO Waterproof Phone Pouch

We bought this case several years ago before our trip to Hawaii.  I  was not convinced it was really going to work and put it through multiple bathtub tests before trusting my iPhone to its protection.  It works like a charm! I used it while kayaking and snorkeling and it kept the phone completely dry and still functional.  Obviously, photos taken while in the case are not going to be crystal clear…but they were totally passable.

Venture Pal Lightweight Backpack

This lightweight backpack can be rolled up and squished into your suitcase.  It’s wonderful for day trips to the waterfalls or hiking in the mountains.  While it’s not waterproof, it is water resistant.  We’ve had ours on all of our trips over the past few years and it never fails to come in handy!

JMFONE Travel Power Adapter

This is a must-have for most international travel.  I actually just leave ours in my suitcase so we never forget it.

Pop Fashion Scarf with Hidden Pocket

If you’re really concerned about pickpocketers, this is just another option for concealing your valuables.  The scarf has a zippered pocket and while I had my doubts about comfort or usefulness, it has 4.5 star rating!

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Staying on the 007 / survivalist train for just a second, the Lifestraw is pretty incredible! The filter removes bacteria and parasites allowing you to drink from any stream you come across.  The best part is for every straw you purchase, a school child in need receives safe drinking water for an entire school year!

Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Maker/Travel Mug

Remember what I said about me without coffee?  The Coffee Gator is the perfect solution.  This travel mug comes with a mesh filter so you can make fresh pour-over coffee right in your mug!

Mossio Packing Cubes with Shoe Bag

Save time, energy and space with these packing cubes.  You can pack by activity and it even comes with a laundry pouch so you can separate your dirty clothes as you use them!

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