A Cocktail To Get You Through Each Night Of Inauguration Week

Cocktail Recipes For Every Day Of Inauguration Week

Inauguration week is officially here.  Here in DC, it almost doesn’t matter where you stand on the outcome of the presidential election, this weekend is going to be hectic for all of us.  Between road closures, an influx of visitors to the area and plenty of tension in the air, we could all use a drink this week.  Make that every night this week.  Here’s what we’ll be sipping on:

Monday: Mo Money, Mo Problems

Great Cocktails Names & Recipes | Mo Money, Mo Problems

Tuesday: Burnt Orange Old Fashioned

Great Cocktail Recipes | Burnt Orange Old Fashioned

Wednesday: The Grumpy Old Man

Grumpy Old Man Cocktail Recipe

Thursday: Southern Comfort On The Rocks

Southern Comfort On The Rocks Cocktail

Friday: The Mr. President

The Mr. President Cocktail | Cocktails For Inauguration Week

Saturday: The Blushing White Russian

The Blushing Russian | Red Velvet White Russian Cocktail

Sunday: Going Off The Deep End Daiquiri

Going Off The Deep End Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe

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