How To Arrange Fresh Flowers For Your Apartment

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How To Arrange Fresh Flowers For Your Apartment

Decorating your apartment can be tricky. You want to make it look nice, but you can’t do anything too drastic when it comes to decorating because your deposit is on the line. Luckily there are many ways to freshen up your apartment that don’t require any extreme changes.

Adding plants and flowers is one way to give your apartment a sophisticated, but homey vibe. Fresh flowers are always available and can easily transform a room, depending on the variety you choose. Incorporating your favorite blooms into your decor will not only brighten up the room but fill it with a pleasant aroma as well.

Large Vase Styling Tips:

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Medium Vase Styling Tips:

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Small Vase Styling Tips:

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Bonus Tutorial Video

To help you try your hand at flower arranging for your apartment, FTD has created a tutorial that walks you through the best techniques. Whether you want a more modern look in your apartment or prefer a more rustic feel, these tips on how to arrange flowers will help you attain your desired look.

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Alexandria Heinz

Alexandria Heinz


Alexandria enjoys writing on a variety of topics including floral design and wedding inspiration for FTD Fresh. When she’s not writing, she can be found at the beach or hiking.

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