5 Apartment Features Roommates Need To Keep In Mind

5 Apartment Features For Roommates To Consider Before Signing A Lease

There are a few factors to keep in mind when searching for a new apartment with a roommate.  Not all rooms are created equal. We’ve heard plenty of horror stories and we figured we would offer a few tips for what to look for in your new apartment.


Do either of you cook?

I love to spend time in the kitchen…so does my roommate. A LOT of time.  If there is one thing I would change about our current apartment, I would change the size and layout of our kitchen.  It is basically a glorified galley kitchen.  With two people in there it gets really crowded really fast.  The solution?  Look for kitchens with islands or at least peninsula counters that can be worked on from two different sides. Also…look for storage space in the kitchen…is there enough room for both of your snacks?


Where are the bedrooms located?

Are the bedrooms side by side?  If one of you is a night owl and the other is an early bird, this set up could cause a major issue!  Also, if one bedroom is right next to the TV room…we recommend giving that to the heavy sleeper in the household!  Common knowledge is to search for a split layout allowing for the bedrooms to be buffered by the common areas of the apartment.


Can you really share a bathroom?

If you’re budget shopping , a two-bedroom/one-bath is definitely a money saver. BUT please consider…can you two really share a bathroom?  Is one of you a neat freak and the other a messy Jessy?  Better find out now!  Also, are you on the same morning routine?  If you both need to be at work by 9AM, who is waking up 10 minutes early to get in the shower first….and on that note if you have an individual hot water heater, how many minutes before you use up all of the hot water?


How much sunlight gets in?

So one of you may love the morning sunshine, the other may sleep until noon.  Maybe both of you let the sunshine in.  Either way, take note of where the windows are and which way they face.  {Also, obviously the more windows, the more heat will be pouring in the summer and cool seeping in the winter…so check the seals and whether blinds are included!


How much storage space do you need?

You may not have realized that your soon to be roommate has a trench coat addiction or that  they decorate for every freaking holiday…either way, that hallway coat closet isn’t going to be big enough for the two of you!  Check out how many areas for storage there are in the apartment and possibly in other locations in the building.  Some of the newer apartments in the area offer storage spaces for a small rental fee {$25-$125}


Best DC Apartments for Roommates:

2401 Pennsylvania

Tier 6

Pros: Accepts Guarantors, close to GW and Georgetown, HUGE floorplans.  Awesome because you won’t be on top of each other.  Brand new gourmet kitchens.  Learn More

2401 Pennsylvania Ave Apartments in Washington DC | Luxury 2 Bedroom Floorplan


Park Chelsea

Tier 07 

Pros: Split floorplan living room acts as a natural noise buffer. Peninsula kitchen for maximum work space. Both bedrooms have direct access to a bathroom.  Learn more

Park Chelsea Apartments in Washington DC | 2 Bedroom Floorplan


Swift at Petworth

Unit 532

Pros: Large walk-in closets in both bedrooms.  Both bedrooms have direct access to their own bathroom (both with tubs).   Plenty of great restaurants and coffee shops nearby for when you need some time alone.  Learn More

Swift at Petworth Apartments in Washington, DC | 2 Bedroom Floorplan

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