How Do I Clean the Apartment before Moving In?

cleaning tips |How to clean an apartment before moving in

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Paperwork, packing, labeling, and whiny kids – you’d have to deal with these challenges during moving.
But no one talks about one of the biggest challenges involved – ‘deep’ cleaning your new home.
You may have visited the place numerous time, put together an awesome DIY packing plan, but it is only
on the last visit before the move that you realize how much cleaning your soon-to-be-home actually

Whether it is an old apartment, a newly built one, or a freshly remodeled one, you shouldn’t settle in
without cleaning – even if it looks clean. Squeaks and sparkles don’t always mean it’s clean. You never
know what kind of chemical residues and fumes must be lurking in the air and on the surface.
It is better to give everything a nice scrub before you finally move in. With an apartment absolutely
empty, however, it is difficult to decide where to begin and how to proceed.
We have you covered! We have created a complete apartment-cleaning guide to make the process quicker, efficient, and

Take a Top to Bottom Approach

Unless you are moving to Mars, laws of gravity dictate every step you take. No puns intended. Due to
the fact that everything is pulled down, it makes sense that you need to start cleaning from top to
bottom so that there are no spills and drips on the area you have already cleaned. Start with ceiling
fixtures and the ceiling itself if need be. Move on to top of the walls and slowly scrub or wipe your way
If you clean fixtures placed lower before the ones placed higher up, you will end up dropping more dust
on the ones you have already cleaned. Top shelves and cabinets should be cleaned before the lower
ones. The floor would be your last stop but there is one more rule you need to follow when cleaning the

Start Farther From the Door

The area closer to the door tends to be a higher traffic area. It is the entryway after all. It is best to start
cleaning the floor or carpet from the farthest point from this entryway. Otherwise, people who enter
the room will leave dusty footmarks in the entryway while you are cleaning the rest of the room. You
wouldn’t like cleaning it again after you are done with the whole room. Also, it is best to close the doors
as soon as you are done. Don’t let anyone go inside unless necessary.

Closet and Cabinet Cleaning

Closets and cabinets have one job – they keep things inside them. That might include dust and dirt. If
the closets are freshly polished, the chances are there are too many chemicals on the surface. Start
cleaning your closets from the inside. Wipe the dust off with a damp cloth and be sure to clean the

corners. It is best to use a lining for shelves and drawers. It covers up stains and marks if any and makes
future cleaning much easier. Once you are done with the inside, move on to the outside. If there are too
many stains, you might need to give it a good scrub. If the closets are new, just use a damp cloth with
some disinfectant to remove chemical residues.

Disinfect Knobs and Handles

There are items that get frequent skin contact. They get touched by everyone who ever enters the
space. This may include previous residents, the realtors, the remodeling team, and all the prospects who
visited the property before you. Knobs, handles, locks, switches, thermostats, and dials are just a few
examples. They might be just as dirty as handles and knobs in a public place, which research finds to be
extremely unhygienic.
A simple wipe wouldn’t do for these items. You will need a good disinfectant to remove all kinds of
bacteria and germs from the surface. It’s the safest way to go even if you are the first tenant/owner of
the house.

Clean All Appliances

There is a high chance your kitchen already has all the appliances such as the stove, microwave, or
dishwasher. No matter how new they look, do not use them without proper cleaning. You can use off-
the-shelf disinfectants or make your own with vinegar and baking soda. This concoction is food-safe and
reliable. Use it for your microwave and stove.
You can soak your oven racks and pans in ammonia overnight to remove the stubborn black grime.
Either scrub it off or put it in the dishwasher for a nice cleaning. Look for grease in corners and hidden
areas. You might need a strong degreaser to remove it from every nook and corner.

Disinfect Your Bathroom

We don’t need to tell you how filthy bathrooms can be. You can catch numerous bugs just by using an
unclean seat. If you aren’t the first one to use it, consider some serious cleaning. The best thing to do is
to bring in a new throne. A used toilet seat, no matter how clean it seems, could be a bowl full of
trouble. It is possible to disinfect it but it is best not put yourself through it. Trust us, it never gives you
the peace of mind you need.

As for other bathroom fixtures such as bathtubs and sink, you don’t have to replace them unless they
are visibly filthy. However, you should disinfect them to remove all traces of the previous users. Use the
homemade disinfectant and let the tub soak in it for a while. You can scrub the stains off later.
Lastly, clean the grimy grout with some soda and strong scrubbing. You can use a small sponge or a
toothbrush to remove stubborn grime.

Go For a Clean Start!

Now you know what your pre-moving cleaning in your apartment move in checklist should include. Do
not skip any of the steps even if you are moving into a newly built apartment. Schedule it a day or two
before the boxes start arriving. Be thorough and hire professional help if required. A cleaner house will
ensure a happy and healthy new life for you and your family.


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Jenny Harrison

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