Guest Blog Guidelines

Thank you so much for your interest in creating a guest post on Apartminty! We are always open to working with great content partners. In order to deliver the optimal experience to our readers, we do ask that any content you provide follows some guidelines that you’ll find listed below. Additionally, before we link to your page, we will check out your business on both Yelp and the Better Business Bureau.

  • Blogs should be 500-700 words. If you are writing an ‘ultimate guide’ style post, we understand that it may be longer!
  • The Apartminty blog is lighthearted and we try to make information fun for our readers. That being said, we pride ourselves on publishing reliable data.
  • If you use any industry jargon, please define it for our readers
  • If you refer to any information or news item, you must include the link to the original source/reference
  • If your post references a published study, statistic, data point, recommendation, tip or if it includes a quote (the exact words spoken by someone), proper attribution is required.
  • We prefer .gov, .edu, or trade association links NOT Wikipedia
  • Only original work will be published. By submitting to us, you are certifying that the work is not plagiarized and has not been published anywhere else. {Online or in print}
  • As always, we will share your guest post across our social media channels and encourage you to do the same for maximum engagement.

In order to create a mutually beneficial relationship, we also ask for some placement on your website or blog in return. This could be:

  • A mention and link back to our website or blog within an existing blog post on your site
  • An Apartminty advertisement on your site that links back to our blog as a renter resource or as an apartment hunting tool (Apartminty will provide a graphic for use)
  • A short blog post about/pointing to Apartminty’s services or a resource we provide (moving checklist, packing tips, neighborhood guides, etc.)

If you’re able to work with the above guidelines, the next step is to submit a couple of topics that you would like to write about.  Please take the time to check out our blog to ensure we haven’t already covered the topic you’re presenting.

In order to be considered for a guest blog post, please email us with:

  • 2-5 blog topic ideas that we have not covered, or a different angle on something we have covered
  • a proposal for reciprocation (a link to Apartminty from your site, an Apartminty ad on your site, etc.)
  • a brief (2-4 sentence) bio and headshot

We will review, make sure that we haven’t already covered the topic, and send back our top preference. Once you have submitted a draft, we may ask for edits, if the post doesn’t require any edits, we’ll send you the date it will be posted.

Ready to submit your guest blog post idea?

Download and fill out this form, then email it to us at!


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