The Perfect Gifts For Your Nearest and Dearest

We’re pinching ourselves trying to figure out how quickly this year flew by!  It’s been an amazing 12 months and now it’s time to celebrate and spend time with our loved ones.  The holiday season should be a time of joy and togetherness, not stress and empty wallets, so here are some suggestions for the perfect gifts for your nearest and dearest!

The Minimalist

We all have a friend or two whose organization skills and will power inspire and baffle us.  This person tends to feel most comfortable in a home free from clutter and unnecessary stuff, so consider giving them experience-based or consumable gifts.  This also works for the clutter bug in your life who truly doesn’t have the space for more stuff!

The Perfect Gift

Event Tickets

Does this person go gaga over a certain band? Do they love getting gussied up for a broadway show or the opera? Are they dying to learn more about the art of French cooking?  Pick out some tickets for an event they will never forget and they may even show their gratitude by taking you with them!

Gift Cards

You can argue that gift cards are not special enough to give as a gift but if you pick something specific to the receiver, we think it’s one of the best ways to ensure your loved one will get something they truly love.  Try a gift card to your local cinema for the movie buff, a card to a specialty or health food market you know your friend is loyal to, or a card to a local spa so your friend has no choice but to treat themselves!

Meal Delivery

A gift that can be consumed will leave you minimalist friend with a happy tummy and a happy home!  Consider gifting them with a dinner kit from ScratchDC, which allows them to whip up a gourmet meal at home with fresh, pre-portioned ingredients delivered to their door.  If cooking isn’t their forte, then we bet they’d appreciate a gift card to their favorite restaurant that delivers, an easy option when they’re short on time or energy.

The Workaholic

You know who we’re talking about: this person spends all day and most nights working and is always looking for a way to become more efficient.  Whether your looking to help them multitask or simply want to help make their days a little less stressful, they’re sure to love these options.

The Perfect Gifts

Office Comfort

Everyone needs to kick their feet up every once in a while, especially someone who spends most of their waking hours at a desk.  Multi-tasking workaholics can do both with this amazing foot hammock from FÜÜT.

A Touch of Nature

Office stress and air quality can be a toxic combination; send your workaholic a sweet terrarium or air plant to bring a little outdoor serenity inside or pick out one of these house plants that work to purify the air.

Instant Nap

Have you seen the awesome Ostrich Pillow yet?  This wearable head pillow makes it easy to shut out the world and take a power nap just about anywhere.  We’ll take two, please!


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The Health Nut

Spending time with this person almost always leaves you feeling inspired to take better care of yourself.  Reward them for all their hard work with something special that reflects their lifestyle.

The Perfect Gift

Healthy Surprise

Healthy Surprise is one of our favorite subscription snack boxes around.  It’s packed with healthy snacks free of GMOs, gluten, dairy, soy, wheat and corn, all made here in the USA.  Gift your health nut with one box or a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription!

Class Pass

If you’re health nut is always looking to try the hottest new fitness craze or the newest studio on the block, the gift of a Class Pass gives them access to over 1,000 boutique fitness centers nationwide.  You can gift them a single class for $19, a one month pass for $99, or if you really like them, a 3 month pass for $297!

Wireless Headphones

Health nuts and fitness freaks tend to do a good job of unplugging at the end of the day and spend a little time focusing on themselves.  Help them really unplug with a set of wireless headphones, perfect for running, hitting the gym or taking a nice relaxing stroll.  Pick from some of the best options here.


The Pet Lover

Do you have a friend or loved one who’s a true pet parent?  You know the ones: they love to show you photos of their cat or dog, they talk to their pets and refer to themselves as “mommy” or “daddy”, and they have been known to spend their free time volunteering at the local shelter.  These folks have a lot of love to give; return the love with any of these pet-related presents.

The Perfect Gifts

Dog Mat

This adorable doormat is a play on John Donne’s famous quote, switched up a bit to read “Ask not for whom the dog barks. It barks for thee.”.  This item serves double duty as a doormat and a “beware of dog” sign of sorts, in the most adorable way ever.

Grounds & Hounds

This thoughtful gift works for coffee lovers, charitable hearts, and pet lovers alike!  Grounds & Hounds creates organic, fair trade coffee blends with adorable names like “Paper & Slippers” and “Morning Walk”.  Their morning coffee will taste even better knowing that 20% of all revenue goes to the company’s rescue partners!

Pop Your Pup

This super fun website lets you customize t-shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts with pop art illustrations of your pup!  Bonus: 10% of net sales go towards pups in need.


The Avid Indoorsman

Also known as the homebody, this person is happiest in the comfort of their own home.  They most likely aren’t all that interested in pursuing physical activity or scoping out the social scene, so here are some gifts that will give them even more to look forward to when they get home at the end of the day.

the best gifts

Word Art

Give your homebody buddy’s place a facelift with some playful framed word art like this one from EatSayLove.

Amazon Fire Stick

Stream shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more directly to your screen with this small USB type stick that plugs into your tv.  Netflix weekend marathoners unite!

Splish Splash

What better excuse to stay in than sinking into a nice hot bubble bath?  Put together an irresistible kit, complete with a bottle of wine, bath salts, a soothing scented candle and some nice chocolate (or whatever treats your friend likes best).  You could get them a nice set like this Detox Lavender Oatmeal Bath Kit from Wildroot Naturals to really step their bath game up a notch!


When the holidays roll around, who’s always the hardest to shop for in your group?




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