Top U.S. Cities For Beer Lovers

Top US Cities For Beer Lovers

Portland and Cleveland normally duke it our for top billing for best beer cities. And we can’t deny it, they are both amazing! There’s actually a top five that are always mentioned. We are giving them reigning champ status and giving you a couple of new cities to add to your most desirable lists!

We love the atmosphere 
inside of breweries. They’re a place where people from all walks of life—artistic 
types, entrepreneurs, and go-getters all get together for one reason: the beer. While each brewery is going to deliver its own experience, they’re all equally enjoyable in their own unique way.


When your oldest local beer—National Bohemian, or “Natty Boh,” features a one-eyed, mustachioed mascot on the can—your city definitely can earn its rank as the beer city with the best sense of humor! And while Natty Boh is the standard, we’re in love with Tiny Tim, a spring ale brewed with hibiscus flowers and rosemary that you can find at to The Brewer’s Art. This townhouse turned restaurant/pub serves a ton of local beers as well as some stellar food. Other local brews not to be missed include Rain Delay IPA and Heavy Seas …and they’re actually super easy to find since they’re served right inside Camden Yards baseball stadium at Dempsey’s.

The Brewer's Art | Craft Beer Brewed in Baltimore, MD
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Fun fact: Meister Brau ceased operations in Chicago in the 80’s when the brewery was purchased by Miller…You may now know Meister’s “lite” as Miller Lite.   So Chicago went through a dark period when the city proper had zero breweries. My, how times have changed, in-part thanks to brewing companies like Goose Island which, even after its sale, remains very much a part of the fabric of the local scene. They have a new taproom (and tours) at its Near West Side locations {insider tip-you can bring in your own food!}.

Goose Island Tap Room | Chicago, IL
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Being coffee junkies, we can’t write about Chicago breweries without mentioning Vice District Brewing, which has house taps like the seasonal Metrosexual Chocolate Stout, which uses coffee from local roaster Metropolis.  Bonus: Their bar is dog-friendly! Other players include Motor Row Brewing, which does Czech- and German-influenced ales and lagers (like a BiPolar Bear pale ale), Revolution, Lagunitas {check out their massive new brewery and taproom}, Half Acre, Pipeworks, Off Color and Moody Tongue.

Vice District Brewing Co. | Chicago, IL | Dogs Enjoying The Pet-Friendly Tap Room
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We all know that Samuel Adams’ residence is in one of our favorite towns, Boston, but some unsually named recently added brews give plenty of reason for Boston to make the list. Somerville’s Slumbrew, Worcester’s Wormtown Brewery and of course Clown Shoes (with its Undead Party Crasher, an American Imperial Stout) make you smile when you order and when you taste a flight. While many of the new breweries are outside Boston, Trillium, Harpoon, and Endurance still hold residence in the city proper.

Clown Shoes Beer | Boston, MA Brewery
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Also, there are some must-visit beer bars including Bukowski’s, Publick House, and Sunset Grill & Tap that will provide you with endless hours of delicious suds and even better people watching! After all, Boston ranked in the top 10 for smart (and quirky) locals….need we say more? Die-hard sports fan in your life? Add Burkhardt Brewing to your tour, as, according to BeerAdvocate, they made “Red Sox Beer and Pennant Ale for the Red Sox 1912 championship series”.


We all know Seattle is a fantastic city for vino. Seattle is also home to over half of the United States craft distilleries. You may be surprised to hear that Washington is the second-largest hop-growing region in the world. Those hops are the critical ingredient for the super hearty Northwest style IPAs perfected by the likes of Fremont, Two Beers and Black Raven.

You can get super nerdy {and super full of yummy eats} at Stoup Brewing. It was launched by two local scientists whose taproom regularly has food trucks parked outside.

Stoup Brewing Tap Room| Seattle, WA
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For those active lifestyle inclined, check out Peddler Brewing . You can sample some tasty Tangerine Hefeweizen while fixing a flat at one of their bike workstations. There are neighborhoods in Seattle that have more breweries than entire other states! For one of our favorites, head over to Fremont neighborhood’s very own Fremont Brewing to savor some small-batch beers. Can you say Bourbon Barrel Abominable?

Peddler Brewing Co | Seattle, WA
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Looking for unique breweries? Look no further than Pittsburgh! Hofbräuhaus, for example, is modeled after the 400-year-old brewery of the same name in Munich, Germany, right down to the decor and the staff’s attire.

Hofbrauhaus Brewing | Pittsburgh, PA
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Church Brew Works is a brewpub that uses a restored Roman Catholic church to brew and serve beers such as Celestial Gold, Pipe Organ Ale and Pious Monk Dunkel.

Church Brew Works | Pittsburgh, PA

With one bar for every 2,500 people, Pittsburgh has the ninth-highest concentration of drinking establishments in the country, so there is no shortage of establishments to sample some local brews.


If you ask about local brews in Houston, the in-the-know locals are bound to tell you about Saint Arnold Brewing Co. This brewery on the edge of downtown is a must-visit, both to see the 100-year-old warehouse and to relax in the biergarten. They also happen to be the state’s oldest craft brewer. The coffee lovers in us have to mention 8th Wonder Brewery, which is named after the city’s iconic Astrodome and which produces seasonal selections (like a Vietnamese-coffee-infused Porter called Rocket Fuel) in a dome-like warehouse near the Astros’ home turf. To round out your tour, visit Buffalo Bayou Brewery, whose 1836 copper ale is named for the year of the city’s founding.

8th Wonder Brewery Tap Room | Houston, TX


Kansas City

Kansas City is known for its good values. No really, they rated No. 1 for being a good value. But make no mistake, good value translates to excellent beer! Be sure to check out Torn LabelCinder Block and Big Rip. {Insider Tip: Ride your bike to the Big Rip brewery on a Sunday & you get a discounted drink). To sample from Boulevard Brewing Co. {the reigning local brew} plus a variety of local beers go to Craft & Draft, a beer bar inside Kauffman Stadium.

Big Rip Brewing Company | Kansas City, MO Brewery
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