Mint Juleps: Official Drink of the Apartminty Fresh Makers…and the Kentucky Derby

Around Apartminty HQ, we love a fantastic excuse to drink bourbon!  The Kentucky Derby may have come and gone, but who says we can’t enjoy one of our favorite cocktails year round?  In this case, it’s in the form of refreshing and easy to assemble mint juleps.  If you’ve never made one before, fear not: if we can do it so can you.  We even made a little video to walk you through it.  Your week just got a little better.  Cheers!

Mint Julep:
makes one cocktail

3 sprigs of mint (1 for garnish)
2 tbsp simple syrup
2 1/2 ounces of Bourbon (we used Four Roses brand)
Lots of ice (crushed, if you’re fancy)

To make the simple syrup, simply bring equal parts of water and sugar to a boil then remove from the heat and stir to dissolve.


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