5 Things That Drive Your Landlord Crazy

Renting has many perks- as a renter, you’ll avoid paying for home improvements, you’re not responsible for paying homeowner’s tax and insurance, and when your lease is up, moving on is pretty simple.  The reality is that your landlord has to deal with all of the things that make renting a no-brainer for you, so show your respect and gratitude by avoiding these 5 things that drive your landlord crazy.


1. Not Reading Your Lease

As with most things in life, not reading the fine print can land you in some serious trouble.  Your landlord has taken the time to outline their expectations and protect everyone’s best interest, so don’t skim through the paper work.  Once you’ve signed the lease, it will most likely be too late to negotiate any terms, so take the time to ensure you know exactly what you are signing up for.  If you read anything that makes you think twice, now is the time to talk it out.

5 things that drive your landlord crazy


2. Not Paying Your Rent

Ok, so this one is a no-brainer: if you don’t pay your rent on time, you’re going to have an unhappy landlord on your hands.  Paying your rent on the day it’s due is great, but stepping your game up a notch could help you out down the line (think getting your full deposit back, flexible move-out, or permission to alter the space).  Pay a few days ahead of time to earn some extra brownie points and don’t ever put them in the position of having to chase you down.  We get that life isn’t perfect, so if you know you won’t be paying your rent the day it’s due, let your landlord know as soon as possible; communication is key.

5 things that drive your landlord crazy



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3. Not Having Renter’s Insurance 

Renter’s insurance is something that is easy to overlook, but there really is no reason to skip it.  Policies are super affordable (about $10-15/month) and most offer full property replacement in the event of a break-in, severe weather or fire.  Your landlord should hold their own policy for the building itself, but you are responsible for the belongings within your apartment.  Cover yourself for pennies a day and make a disastrous event a bit more tolerable.

5 things that drive your landlord crazy


4. Not Reporting Property Issues

Details about how repairs are handled should be outlined in your lease.  If your landlord is responsible for repairs, alert them as soon as you notice an issue.  Leaving something like a leak untreated will only compound the issue, making for a bigger mess for you, a bigger expense for your landlord, and a big ol’ headache for everyone.  If you are responsible for repairs, save yourself the trouble by dealing with things as soon as possible (something about a stitch in time, right?).  Don’t forget to keep your landlord informed of any repairs you or a hired professional make to the property; it is only yours to borrow for a period of time, and they deserve to be informed of the complete history of their space.  Plus, you’ll want timely documentation of any repairs you are to be reimbursed for.

5 things that drive your landlord crazy


5. Not Picking Up Your Phone

It is not unusual for a landlord to require to access to individual apartments.  You can expect 24-48 hours advance notice, so don’t leave them hanging as they try to schedule routine maintenance, or worse, deal with a property emergency.  Think of it this way: if you were to have something go wrong in your pad and you could not reach your landlord, you’d be peeved right?  Return any calls from your landlord as promptly as possible and inform them of your preferred method of contact or give them multiple ways to get a hold of you.

5 things that drive your landlord crazy


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