Winterize Your Life…and Your Apartment

It may have taken until January, but the colder winter weather is officially here!  Don’t be left out in the cold: check out these tips to help winterize your life and your apartment.

1. Invest in a humidifier

When it’s cold outside it’s natural to turn the heat up indoors, but with that comes a serious drying effect. When the air gets dry our skin, sinuses and noses suffer but there are some really affordable humidifiers out there that can give your body the moisture it craves without being too much of an eyesore. We’re partial to this adorable polar bear from Crane, but they have some pretty sophisticated models if cutesy isn’t your thing.

Winterize Your Life and Your Apartment | Polar Bear Humidifier |

via Crane USA


2. Reorganize Your Closet

We know, we aren’t ready to pack up the flip-flops and swim trunks just yet either but the time has come. Don’t wait for a 30 degree day to start searching for your coziest sweaters; take the time now to swap out seasonal items and clear some room for bulky pieces like boots and sweaters.  You’ll probably even rediscover some forgotten favorites so do this before you shop for a new winter wardrobe!

Winterize Your Apartment | Reorganize Your Closet


3. Help Warm Your Neighbors

Once you’ve cleaned out your closet, take your gently used sweaters, gloves and scarves and donate them. Making room for new cozy items and helping keep your neighbors warm this winter: it’s a win-win. Find a donation center near by.

Winterize Your Life and Your Apartment | Donate Gently Used Gloves, Hats, Scarves and Coats


4. Sanitize Before Cold Season

We all get excited when we break out our favorite gloves again, but before they get cozy with your digits, take the time to give them a good wash. We usually reach for our gloves for the first time each season when an unexpected early cold front comes through, but try to get ahead of Mother Nature this year and sanitize your winter accessories so that last year’s germs and grime don’t ruin this year’s wintry fun. Here’s some tips from Martha about when and how to clean your outerwear.

Winterize Your Life | Sanitize Last Year's Scarves, Hats and Gloves


5. Protect Your Windows

Whether your windows are brand new or full of historic charm, the cold air has a way of finding it’s way in (and the warm air, out). Our favorite ways to prevent this are to put up some drapes made of heavy fabric and line the windows with a temporary clear film insulation kit. Both are easy to remove when Spring comes around but will make a big difference in your heating bill.  Pro tip: use the buddy system when installing the window film, four hands are better than two when dealing with what is essentially giant saran wrap.

Winterize Your Apartment | Insulate Your Windows DIY


Ready to find your next apartment?

6. Mix Up a Winter Scent

This one may seem purely for joy but can help cover up any funk that might be hanging around when the windows get locked up for Winter. Round up a few items from your spice cabinet (cinnamon sticks, cloves and nutmeg will do) and toss them in a pan with a little orange peel and some water and simmer away. Before long, your entire apartment will smell like the holidays instead of the litter box!  Just don’t forget to continue to add water as it will evaporate as you simmer.

Winterize Your Life and Your Apartment | Mulling Spices To Freshen The Stale Winter Air


7. Pick Up a Doormat

When we slip on our fuzzy socks at the end of the day, the last thing we want it to ruin them by stepping on some sand, dirt or melted snow tracked in from the wild outdoors. Pick up a heavy duty doormat to place by your entry where you can wipe and take off your boots before entering your apartment sanctuary. This one might sound boring but it doesn’t have to be!  Check out these awesome options.

Winterize Your Life and Your Apartment | Bye Felicia Doormat

via Etsy


8. Invest In Some Car Mats Too

Winter grit and grime can take its toll on your car too. Take care of the inside with a fresh set of car mats; you can even have a little fun with custom mats if you’re fancy. We like these monogrammed ones from Oh My Word Designs.

Winterize Your Life and Your Apartment | Monogrammed Car Mats

via Etsy


9. Buy an Ice Scraper

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but how many of us have sat in the car for ten minutes with the defroster on full blast wondering where our scraper went last Spring? Not all scrapers are made equal: pick up one of these gloved versions and your digits will thank you!  How did we not invent these sooner?

Winterize Your Life and Your Apartment | Ice Scraper Mitt

via Amazon


10. Invest in a Extendable Snow Shovel

Don’t strand yourself in a parking lot or use your hands to dig your car out ever again: order one of these compact shovels to keep in your car without taking up your entire back seat.

Winterize Your Life and Your Apartment | Compact Emergency Snow Shovel

via Amazon


If you’re a homeowner or are renting a home, take a deeper dive with these home winterizing tips.

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