How to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

Summer is here in full force with heat waves striking across the country.  While many can find refuge in their air-conditioned office, home or apartment, there are still plenty of us that do without.  Whether you have access to AC or not, using it sparingly is good for your bank account and the environment.  Here are out tips for how to keep cool without air conditioning this summer.


Close the Windows

Before the sun starts streaming in in the morning, close up your windows and shades.  Thought it may seem counter-intuitive, keeping the sun’s strong rays and humid air out is far better than the minimal breeze you might get by leaving them open.  When the sun sets, open windows to create a cross-breeze and let cool night air in.

How to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning


Try Out Some Summer Recipes

Get creative in the kitchen with some new no-cook recipes.  In the summer, we start craving cold, fresh foods more and more.  The produce tastes better and the idea of turning the oven on is almost cringe-worthy.  Keep your body temperature and waistline happy at the same time with tasty treats like watermelon gazpacho or zucchini noodles with pesto.

How to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning


Upgrade Your Lighting

Traditional incandescent light bulbs are not only inefficient, but they can give off almost as much heat as they do light.  Switch to LED or Compact Fluorescent bulbs to cut down on energy costs and indoor temps, and simply turn the lights off when you aren’t using them.

How to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning


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Switch Your Sheets

Invest in some silk or satin sheets, or at least pillow cases, to sleep on during warmer months.  These materials will retain less heat, helping keep your body temp more stable.

How to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning


Drink Water

We all know we should be drinking more water, but staying hydrated gives you the added benefit of avoiding heat stroke and weather related fatigue.  Take your water to the next level by adding mint leaves or sliced cucumber for added cooling/hydration.

How to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning


Order Take-Out

Pick something spicy and have it delivered.  You’ll avoid heating up the kitchen and munching on spicy foods increases perspiration, in turn decreasing your body temperature (sensing a trend here?).  Bonus: capsaicin (pepper heat) releases endorphins (feel good hormones) in your body, which might help you forget your hot-weather troubles.

How to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

Get Happy (Feet)

You’ve probably heard that thinking cool thoughts (glaciers, waterfalls, walk-in freezers) can help cool you down.  Give your brain a rest and pop in a cold-weather themed movie such as Happy Feet (one of our faves) and Frozen, or Fargo and The Shining if you’re up for a little more drama.

How to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning


DIY Air Conditioning

When a fan alone just won’t cut it, try filling up a bowl with ice and rock salt, then placing it right in front of the fan.  The salt will slow the melting process and the fan will push the cool air your way.

How To Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning


Don’t Move

When we get hot and irritable, we tend to try and actively cool down by fanning ourselves and fidgeting to get comfortable.  Give your body a rest and take a cue from our four-legged friends by just sitting still!

How to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning


Pretend It’s Your Birthday

It’s your apartment, why not just get into your birthday suit?  That’s right, we said it (sorry roommates), strip down, sit still, eat some gazpacho and watch a chilly movie.  Have some cake if you want, we aren’t your mom.  You’ll be the coolest cucumber in town in no time.

How to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning


Tell us, what did we miss?  How do you keep cool at home when a sweltering Summer sets in?


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