Storytelling for Marketing: What to Share

This is the fifth segment of the Art of Storytelling series. We have explored why storytelling is important, the components of a great story, the different types of genres your stories could fit into.  However, it can be daunting to know exactly what to post. Today, we’re going to dive into what topics work best for live video platforms.

What kinds of things should I share via a storytelling platform?

In Our Shoes

“Behind the Scenes” is probably the most common theme we see right now and most commonly totally bungled. Make sure there is a point to what you are showing, even if it’s just to bring joy your audience’s day. However…inside jokes need not apply. Making your audience feel like they are missing something does not evoke trust or confidence.


How to do behind the scenes video right? Feature one team member introducing themselves, their role, and their favorite {Fill in the blank.} It could be a user hack, afternoon pick-me-up or office supply. Whatever, it’s a chance to inject some humanity into your brand. You could also feature office birthdays or office pranks…just make sure you set up your audience well so they can enjoy the joke.


Another twist on the new product feature is actually to demo it. Demoing a product live allows you to announce any new features and get some immediate adoption. It also lowers the barrier that sometimes comes along with new features, which are the fear users have of using it. Which leads to our next live video topic…


Question and Answer Session

What better time to answer all the issues than when you are demoing the product? Q&A allows you to get that immediate feedback for tweaks you can make to your product or direction.



Sales-Have a product on sale or a limited time offer?

The built-in 24-hour lifespan of Snapchat and Instagram stories allow for a great ‘limited time only’ promotion!

Instagram Live takes that a step further where you basically can compel the follower to take action while you are live-The offer disappears when you do!

Lessons | Morals

Lessons | Morals-If you combine the last two categories you come close to having a lesson or mini-education course or if you are establishing yourself as an expert in a particular field, a quick lesson on a related topic is perfectly acceptable. Gary V masters this daily, right?  He gives  a quick lesson or thought for the day.


Company Announcement

Is your community 100% leased up? Launching a new feature? Did your company hit a remarkable milestone? You don’t have to draft a press release. Hit record and celebrate with your community!

These are the topics we have found that work best for live video…what have you done and how has it gone? We’d love to compile a huge list of best practices, so please share in the comments!

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