4 Things Every Twenty-Something Should Invest In


There are key investments that every young adult woman should make when she’s in her twenties. Whether it’s something small like buying that lipstick you’ve been eyeing or something bigger like investing in a comfortable, high-quality mattress, making key investments when you’re younger will only help to make the best version of yourself. Here are just 4 of those key investments that every woman should consider investing in.


  1. Your Home

    There’s nothing like coming home from a long day and relaxing in your own space. Whether you’re still living in your parent’s house or have just signed an apartment lease, it’s worth it to invest in key pieces that will help to make your space all your own. If you’ve just moved into your very first apartment, it’s helpful to know what kind of look you’re going to be aiming for before shopping for any furniture. If you’re looking for décor inspiration, Pinterest is a great tool as is HGTV. Once that’s decided, decorating your first apartment will be as easy as ever!

  2. Vacations

    Whether it’s a girl’s trip, a trip with the fam or a weekend getaway with your significant other, making the time to travel is an experience you won’t regret. Not only is vacationing a great way to take a break from the daily grind but it also allows you to experience other cultures and do fun activities! With Fall here (finally!), it’s the perfect time to plan a trip, sip on some hot apple cider and enjoy the foliage. If you’re currently having a severe case of wanderlust, here are some of the best vacation spots for Fall.

  3. Stocks

    It only makes sense that one of the key investments you should make in your twenties is in investments themselves. Many people think that it’s later in life when you need to start making investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds but the truth is that if you start now, it can make a world of a difference! If you’re currently not set up with any kind of investment, it’s helpful to follow a step-by-step guide for the right way to start getting into stocks. If the whole process can seem overwhelming, it’s helpful to turn to a parent or financial advisor for advice on what to invest in, how to invest, etc.

  4. High-quality clothes

    Investing in high-quality clothing makes such a difference, not only for your overall wardrobe but for how long you’ll actually have those pieces. As if we needed another reason to go shopping, right?! When creating your ultimate #girlboss closet, you need to have the essentials. Those essentials being a high-quality bra that can support you from morning till night, a blazer that can take you from work to your happy hour, and the ultimate pair of jeans that are a good quality of denim and fit you perfectly.


What are your top investments?

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