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Best Patio and Rooftop Restaurants in the DMV


As the temperatures rise and the days become longer, we all have a calling in which we need to indulge. We must eat and drink outside. 

Luckily, if you’re local to the D.C. area, or planning a visit during the warmer months, you can expect to have all your al fresco dining and drinking needs satisfied through one of the many rooftop and patio experiences in the area.

Each one has something unique to offer its guests – with everything from dog-friendly patios to picture-perfect views. Whether you’re an avid beer drinker, a lover of wine, or just in search of some tasty treat, you’re bound to find something in the list below that keeps you in the open air soaking in that sweet vitamin d.

Fig & Olive

Praised for its atmosphere, Fig & Olive offers a patio dining experience that feels luxurious at a reasonable price point. Fig & Olive is located in CityCenterDC where plenty of shops are just a few steps away, perfect for killing time while you wait for your table to be ready or for a post-meal stroll. The menu includes everything from small plates to seafood as well as pasta and more.

Colada Shop

Colada Shop is a renowned Instagrammer’s dream. The bright décor will draw you in and the delicious Cuban eats will keep you coming back. Complete with empanadas, sandwiches, coffee, and cocktails – this spot is perfect for any time of day. And best of all, the rooftop garden has happy-hour extending all night on Thursdays to provide you with the perfect, inexpensive way to kick off your weekend celebrations.

Fiola Mare

The outdoor seating section of Fiola Mare, otherwise known as The Kennedy Lounge, provides guests with a view of the Georgetown waterfront. Open for lunch, brunch, and dinner, this spot is defined as an Italian seafood eatery that is a must for the Georgetown area.

Iron Gate

Iron Gate’s green-covered patio comes complete with lights and exposed brick to make it feel like a fairy’s dining spot of choice in Dupont Circle. In the colder months, enjoy the warmth of their outdoor fireplace while you enjoy your deliciously prepared Mediterranean cuisine in a relaxed and whimsical environment.

Wet Dog Tavern

Wet Dog Tavern brings beer lovers and dog lovers together to drink and pass the time outdoors. Complete with lawn games and a long list of beers to choose from – everyone can find something they enjoy at this low-key hangout spot.

City Winery

Whether you’re going out on a gorgeous sunny day or a cozy rainy day – City Winery’s covered rooftop wine garden will allow you to enjoy wine of all types in all types of weather. Life music frequents this venue, but on the off days, you can enjoy wine and light appetizers while you relax in the open air.

Sauf Haus Bier Hall

If you’re one for the German drinking experience, then Sauf Haus Bier Hall is a must. Think your average beer garden, but on a roof with live entertainment. Don’t worry – there are plenty of giant pretzels to go around.

DNV Rooftop

For a variety of snacks and summery beverage choices (including adult slushies), head over to DNV Rooftop. This experience is all-inclusive, complete with a rooftop pool and a breathtaking view of the city. And if you drink too much or feel tired after a long day, you can stay in one of their luxurious rooms just a few floors down.


Who doesn’t love a good drag brunch? At Perry’s, you can enjoy that drag brunch atop their rooftop bar and seasonal terrace. Twinkling lights drape overtop of the patio so you can enjoy an excellent atmosphere while eating your sushi.

Embarking on the outdoor restaurant scene trail early will help identify the best spots to pass the longer days this summer. There’s something for everyone in the booming, diverse and distinct restaurant scene. Grab your mom, grab your brunch squad, and head out for a day of food and sunshine. 




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