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Wunderlist App

Ever think of something important as you’re falling asleep at night and hope that you remember it the next day?  Ever been in the middle of an important task and remember another task that you MUST get done that day?  Ever had trouble recalling when the last time you cleaned the shower drain or changed the Brita filter?  We’ve got one heck of a solution for you.

Every once in a while, one of us falls in love with a new product, concept, or tool and we can’t help but tell anyone about it who will listen.  For Maddie, the ongoing obsession of 2017 was with the Wunderlist app, and it’s one that will carry into 2018 and well beyond.  Here, she explains why:

Why You Need The Wunderlist App

Wunderlist is a beautifully simple to-do/checklist app that allows you to keep track of your life and get your sh*t together once and for all.  There are a million ways to use this free app, but my set-up includes:

  • A “Work” folder separated out by client that contains one-time projects and subtasks as well as recurring weekly and daily tasks
  • A “Home” folder that reminds me when it’s time to steam the floors, clean the shower drain, cut the cats nails and so much more (plus, I can “assign” tasks to my husband…if I could ever get him to download the app)
  • A “Personal” folder which contains all of my personal (read: non-work related) errands and tasks, as well as beauty and wellness reminders, because self-care is important, and weekly hair masks and face peels and daily lemon water and probiotics are things I’ll only make time for if they’re on the list!
  • A “Food” folder with an ongoing shopping list for all of the 8 places I shop, plus a “meal planning” section with the menu plan for the week as well as an inventory of meal ideas to pull from and a list of meal-prep and food-related to-dos (plus a running list of all of the vegan restaurants to try in the DC area!).

Some of the features I love most include:

  • The ability to add notes to a to-do, because I don’t always remember exactly what I’m supposed to be doing or why
  • The ability to create a custom schedule for recurring tasks (repeat every 4 days, repeat every 3 months)
  • The ability to share and assign tasks to others (kids, significant others, roommates, co-workers)
  • The ability to “star” a task and move it to the top of your list (so you don’t get distracted by other less urgent tasks)
  • The “Today” view which shows you exactly what you have on your plate for the day
  • The “Week” view which shows you exactly what you have on your plate for the week ahead (and shift accordingly)
  • The ability to set a reminder for tasks (remind me at 5:15pm, before I leave the office, to stop at CVS on my way home)
  • The ability to view completed to-do’s (because sometimes I get trigger happy or my fat fingers check the wrong box)
  • The incredibly satisfying dinging sound the app makes when you check a to-do off of your list

So if you’re striving to be the most organized B on the block this year, download the FREE Wunderlist app now and start setting up those to-dos!  

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