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Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be stressful! So can thinking of things to put on your own wish list. If you’re a fitness lover like I am, you can borrow my wish list! This holiday gift guide is chock full of everything to keep your body, the temple, looking and feeling awesome. I hope this mix of cute clothing, soothing recovery tools, and thoughtful workout gear will keep you motivated and on track for your healthiest year yet!

Will Sweat for Tacos!

There’s only one reason we show up for cycling class…and that’s tacos!

Light the Way Beanie

Make sure you are seen during your nighttime runs with the built-in light in this beanie cap. Safety First!!

Shower Melts with Essential Oils

Turn your after-workout shower into a spa experience with these essential oil shower melts.

Hydration Jug

Stay motivated to stay hydrated with this inspirational hydration jug.

Cyclone Cup Blender Shaker

No more annoying balls bouncing around….ahem.  The Cyclone shaker bottle is the most effective tool to mix your pre or post-workout protein shakes. Buy this pack of two and keep one in your gym bag and one at home.

Compression Pants with Phone Pocket

With a wide waistband, these yoga leggings won’t ride up or slip down. Make these workout pants your go-to choice for yoga or running. What’s more, Bubblelime yoga pants have two pockets; one for your phone and a hidden pocket for stashing your key.

Rechargeable Shoe Clips for Night Runners

These are mainly on the list because my husband insists on running at night and that makes me a nervous wreck…so he’s definitely getting a pair!  The clips go on the back of your sneakers. They are rechargeable, waterproof, and super bright.

Anti-Acne for Buttocks & Thigh

Let’s be real, all that time sweating it out in compression pants is not the greatest thing for your skin.  Target embarrassing acne on your backside with this lotion.  {Works great on your back and shoulders, too} 

Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale

We all know that weight doesn’t define health.  The Weight Watchers by Conair scale measures body fat, body water, and displays your BMI.{Body Mass Index} The Bluetooth can connect to your Apple or Android device and track your progress.  

ToePal Toe Separator

Whether you’ve been pedaling away on the Peloton, racking  up the miles for your next marathon or spending extra time on the mat, these toe-stretcher/toe separators will give your tired feet instant relief.

Swimbuds Headphones & MP3 Player

Swimming laps in the pool can get a bit boring.  Liven up your workout with this waterproof MP3 player from Swimbuds.
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VIVE Heating Pad

This is not your typical heating pad. The moisture sheet allows for you to apply ‘moist heat’ for exceptional muscle relaxation. Nothing feels better on sore muscles than soothing heat and this oversized heating pad is super flexible to contour to your body shape and comfort every muscle.
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Spoonk Acupressure Mat

A yoga mat with golf spikes on it?? Trust us. There’s a reason this thing has a 4.6-star rating and over 2000 reviews.  Once you get over your fear, you will be addicted to this mat for both pain relief and as part of your relaxation routine.
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The Updated HyperColor Shirt

How do you know when you’ve done enough??? This shirt answers the question.
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