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I’m one of those cooks that can never have enough kitchen gadgets…so creating a holiday gift guide for the cooks and kitchen lovers on your list was a piece of cake. {pun intended}  I also know that a lot of our readers living in apartments are dealing with storage and small space restrictions, so a lot of picks on this list can play double duty or make the most of the limited space you have. I’d recommend most of these gifts as stocking stuffers or combined together in a basket.

Christmas Rolling Pin With Engraved Design

Take your holiday baking to the next level with this embossed holiday rolling pin.  The design transfers to your cookie or pie dough,  making your treats the prettiest at the party! 

Three Knees Spicy Trio

Hot Honey is one of our favorite things. We put it in our coffee, on our pizza, and even on tacos!  Try this trio and let your imagination go wild!

Spice N Tice Cooking Apron

And speaking of hot honeys, let your favorite chef know how much fun they are to watch and keep them looking fly with this “Caution Hot Stuff” cooking apron. 

OXO Mini Grate & Slice Set

It’s a slicer, medium grater, and coarse grater all in one…because who has space for a full-size grater?

Uniqook Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

Reclaim your counter space with this roll up dish rack.  It sits over the top of your sink when you want to use it, and can roll up and be stashed out of sight when you don’t need it!

Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Fresh herbs make such a difference to a dish.  Now you can grow your own thyme, basic, organic, parsley, and sage with this kit.


Mobi Pop Silicone Measuring Spoon

One spoon-four measurements.  The Mobi Silicone Measuring spoon pops back and forth to give you 1 TBSP, 1/2 TBSP, 1 Tsp, 1/2 Tsp making it a super efficient space saver.

Bulbhead Better Pasta Pot

This pot is the perfect example of simple design making a product so much better.  The spout on the lip of the pot and the strainer built into the lid means there’s no need for a strainer. Brilliant!

Swanky Floating Ladle

Because we know there’s never a great place to put your ladle covered in soup goo…how about just leave it in the pot?  This adorable floating ladle will stay level and just float on the surface of whatever you’re cooking up.


Geekhom Grilling and Oven Mitts

Perfect when you’re working the grill or pulling a cake out of the oven, these mitts are heat resistant, environmentally friendly, and super durable.


IC IClover Silicone Ice Mold

Turn any food into a shot glass. Enough. Said.


Reusable Silicone Food Bags

The worst part about meal prep is feeling guilty about using so many plastic bags.  Not Anymore! Eco-Sil bags are freezer and microwave safe, leak-proof and will last you years!


Joseph Joseph Nesting Mixing Bowls

These beautiful mixing bowls just beg to be put back in their proper place…and when they are all nested, take up so little cupboard space.


Simple Houseware Spice Gripper Clips

Spices or a spice rack or spice drawer can take up so much room!!! Here’s a novel idea that can give you back a ton of space!


Dash Compact Air Fryer

You don’t have to give up delicious fried food or sacrifice counter space! The Dash compact air fryer uses 80% less oil than a typical fryer and its compact and cute design makes it totally counter top worthy!


OXO No-Spill Ice Cube Tray

My apartment fridge doesn’t have an ice maker and is always stuffed to the brim.  The genius of this tray is that it seals the water in before it’s frozen so you can store this tray sideways, upside down, whatever…it won’t spill!


Joseph Joseph Cutlery Cleaner Brush

Nothing fancy, just smart design making life easier.


Kombucha Brew Kit

Boiled Egg Peeler

iPad or Cookbook Holder

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