5 Reasons to Live in an Apartment Instead of a House

Why live in an apartment?

While owning a house is often a goal of many people, it’s not for everyone. Sometimes, the space is just too much, especially for those living on their own. Also, it adds to your expenses associated with filling the number of rooms and heating them. Here are 5 reasons to live in an apartment, and not a house. 

  1. Own Less Stuff

Being a minimalist isn’t just a lifestyle choice; it’s also a major money saver. The cost of purchasing, maintaining, repairing, replacing, and insuring a ton of stuff gets expensive really fast. When you own a house, there are far more rooms to fill up which tends to feed on the shopping addiction for owners. Having less space drastically reduces the tendency to keep filling it up.

  1. Easier Appliance Management and Backup Resources

Houses tend to have many more appliances because there’s never a mod-con that the homeowner didn’t want to own. The trouble here is that all of these appliances take up considerable space, need maintenance to keep running, and then there’s the replacement cost too. By living a more compact life, it’s possible to optimize solutions to have just what you need and no more. This allows space for backup options, such as using a three-way refrigerator or a gas-supplied cooking range where there’s both a gas supply coming into the apartment, but also the option to run them from a propane bottle.

Also, apartment dwellers who rely on electricity can use propane as a backup in case of a power cut. Do note that an apartment lease for renters may restrict the use of gas, so make sure you check that first. Finding high-quality suppliers of propane in Florida is not always easy, but this propane company in Orlando is a good one to use. Their prices are affordable, and you can speak to their technicians for advice.

  1. Get the Apartment Paid Off Sooner

Apartment owners usually enjoy lower mortgage payments than with a typical house. This provides the opportunity to become mortgage-free much earlier in life. By accelerating the lower payments by adding 50% or doubling up, it’s possible to clear the mortgage in a few short years. This then allows you to take those funds and invest them for your early retirement or whatever other life plans you may have. 

  1. Less Weekly Cleaning

Performing spring cleaning every so often and doing the weekly run-through with the vacuum, feather duster, and the rest requires far less time in an apartment. House owners often consider hiring a maid or a cleaner to clean up after them because it can all become too overwhelming. Apartment renters and owners have no such compunction and so they save money and time in this respect too. 

For apartment owners, there are plenty of benefits and upsides being had, as you can see. While house dwellers may only see negatives, they’re looking at all the wrong things.

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