New Shower Door Trends


Many people fancy having an elegant shower space to clean up and enjoy personal rejuvenation. The trends and improvements in this industry focus on the smoothness, glare, transparency, aesthetics, and functionality of this space. Modern and contemporary glass shower doors will revamp the shower space entry into a tremendous and functional bathroom.

6 Glass Shower Doors Trends Everyone Should Watch Out For

Wide varieties and options that consider the space and design will influence the door style. Here are six types of glass doors that are currently trending in the industry.

1. Corner shower doors

Erecting a corner shower space will give you the luxury of enjoying the steam during the baths. Unlike tubs and other shower types, you can fully enjoy the lavishness and efficiency of the shower space. The shower size and design will determine the number of sliding shower doors needed.

Most people generally prefer using sliding or multiple doors to enhance the design and match the style of the bathroom.   

2. Frosted shower door

If privacy is essential to their shower design, this design will suit those looking to enhance their bathroom space. Frosted doors allow light into the shower, but their unique structure maintains privacy. These doors are perfect for all seasons, keeping users and the respective space warm during the winter and cool during the summers. Cleaning frosted shower doors also will not pose challenges because of their translucent nature and glass texture.

3. Frameless and semi-frameless glass shower door

The difference between these two glass doors is whether the structure incorporates metal in its design. Semi-frameless doors have metal as part of their structure all around them. This way, it improves the sturdiness and structural integrity. Semi-frameless shower doors are easy to clean and maintain as their design prevents scum build-up.

Frameless glass shower doors are made up entirely of glass. Such doors’ intricate and classy design makes them delicate to maintain, especially in hard-water areas. Their clear glass means they can provide better lighting capabilities in the bathroom.

4. Framed shower door

Framed glass shower doors are of ancient shower door designs. The simplicity and compact nature of these doors provided by the frame holding the glass make this style an easy choice. Their evolution in the industry still makes them among the most chosen design.

5. Mixed metal shower door

A mixed metal shower door incorporates different metals in the door design. The metals and accents in and around the glass give it a unique structure and texture. Some people even use gold and silver accents to enhance the quality and luxurious look of the shower door.

It might look more traditional because of the basic door design. But with appropriate accents and placements, you can easily match this shower door with a contemporary style. Cleaning and maintaining this shower door can get complicated due to the door’s additional features. You will need to employ proper cleaning techniques even though this door style is not as delicate as the frameless options. 

6. Partial enclosures

Partial enclosures do not fully enclose their shower. Some people will use design or style for the partial section. Others will use it for functional reasons to avoid water from splashing out of the shower area/tub.

Consider a Good Glass Shower Door Company

Understanding these shower door trends will create a good foundation when choosing a style that will pair with the current bathroom style. You can also choose to do a whole bathroom makeover to fit in a specific manner. Find out more about glass shower doors and their scientific characteristics for proper maintenance and installation.

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