4 Reasons Furnished Apartments Are Awesome

When it comes to no-fuss housing, it doesn’t get much better than an apartment that comes with furniture and appliances.

If you don’t believe us, consider these four advantages to living in a furnished apartment:

  • You don’t have to unpack. Unless you’re super motivated, your stuff won’t get unpacked in a day. And if you’ve ever moved into a new place, you know what it’s like trying to get ready for the day and having to rifle through several boxes just to find your shampoo, a shirt, and a coffee mug. We’re getting annoyed just thinking about it.
  • You don’t have to hire movers. Or bribe friends with pizza and beer, saving you money. And who doesn’t like doing that?
  • You don’t have to decorate. As classy as those Christmas lights are, perhaps it’s time to let someone else worry about lighting, furniture, appliances, paint, etc. This too saves you money.
  • You don’t have to figure out who gets what when it’s time to move out. For those of you living with roommates, this is an important point. It’s not uncommon for roomies to make joint purchases for the household. Unfortunately, you can’t split a microwave three ways.

Furnished ≠ Outdated

Obviously, there are furnished apartments out there that aren’t so great. But most apartment communities with furnished options recognize the need to keep their offerings current and comprehensive.

For instance, apartments at The Palms on University in Riverside, California and 777 Place in Pomona, California are outfitted with flat screen TVs.

And both The Commons on Kinnear in Columbus, Ohio and 100 Midtown in Atlanta have washers and dryers in each apartment.

As we said, not all furnished apartments were created equal. Be sure to take a tour of a furnished model before signing on the dotted line.

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  1. looking for at least a 1br.I do have a small dog. would like very much to checked your apartments out

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