6 Ways to Reinvent Dated Spaces

6 ways to reinvent dated spaces

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6 Ways to Reinvent Dated Spaces

Apartment living often means you’re limited in what you can do to update and reinvent the home you live in. You can’t do extensive renovations to update your space, and you wouldn’t want to put that much time and money into a space that you don’t own, anyway. However, this can feel limiting, especially if your apartment is outdated. Floral wallpaper and shag carpets can be hard to live with for long. 

However, there are some ways you can reinvent your space without doing a lot of renovations. By updating what you can, working with what you’ve got, and making modern choices when you can, you can turn your dated space into something unique and tasteful. 

Prioritize Energy Efficiency 

Improving energy efficiency at home is a modern notion, and making simple changes can help space work better for you, as well as feel more modern overall: 

  • You can make your windows more energy efficient by weatherstripping or upgrading to energy-efficient window shades. 
  • Your faucets can be more energy-efficient if you install an aerator, and using a low-flow showerhead will do the same for your shower. 
  • Changing out your light bulbs with incandescent lights will increase the energy efficiency in your lighting, as can the use of more natural lighting. 

These are all relatively easy and non-permanent fixes that can modernize your space and save you money as well. 

Make Tech Upgrades

Your home may be dated, but your technology doesn’t have to be. Adding some tech upgrades can help make a home feel more modern, even if some of its features don’t feel modern. Some easy tech upgrades for your apartment include:

Not only do these upgrades make things easier for you, but they also work to update your home as well. 

Work With the Colors You Have

Many landlords prefer that you don’t make serious changes. If you’re in that situation in your apartment, you’ll have to work with what you have. One way to do that is to work with the colors already present in your home. Stick to the color wheel when decorating, and design your home around the paint colors and carpet colors that already exist. Play off of the colors you have and create a space that boasts complementary color combinations.

Choose Modern Furnishings

Even if your space is dated, you can bring an updated feel to it by choosing modern furnishings around your home. For instance, if you are stuck with busy designs that are dated, simple furnishings and decor can enhance the modern feel of your home. Though it may seem like you should stick with the time period of your space, you can move away from that and mix time periods in order to create something unique. 

Get Rid of Dated Wallpaper

Some landlords prefer that you don’t make any changes, like painting or removing wallpaper. However, some landlords appreciate upgrades that they don’t have to complete themselves, and they may even give you a credit for doing so. However, it’s important to check with them first. If your landlord appreciates an upgrade, removing dated wallpaper and replacing it with a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference. Go with neutrals for a more calming space or create an accent wall to liven up a boring area. 

Use Timeless Decor

When your home is dated and your furnishings are modern, timeless decor can help neutralize a potentially busy space. Display your photos in a unique way, buy an area rug or display mirrors for a timeless look that opens up your space at the same time. Timeless antiques, beautiful artwork, and cozy blankets all work to bring new design elements to a space. This will keep your space looking elegant and beautiful without looking like you have competing elements. 

Dated spaces may be frustrating, but they have their own unique charm to them as well. Home decor and design is an art, and it can be fun to reinvent your dated space into something you love. Just remember to work with what you have. In the end, you’ll have a space you worked to create yourself that incorporates some modern twists to compliment what was already there.


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Adrian Johansen


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