7 Ways To Have The Best Winter Ever

Almost everyone can agree that winter weather is often a drag. Shorter days, cold temperatures, and studying for those dreaded college finals can quickly make you miss the hot summer months.

We’ve come up with a few ideas that can turn any winter season into an unforgettable one!

Act like a kid again.
Come that first snowfall of the year, celebrate the snow day with sledding, building a snowman, or even starting a snowball fight!

Host a party.
There is always a reason to party, especially in the winter. Host a hilarious white elephant party, a fancy New Year’s party, or a delicious potluck!

Start a new exercise routine.
Getting out of the house and staying active can be a struggle for many, but might be just the boost of energy you need to cure your winter blues. If you have an on-site fitness center at your property, like the students at The Village at Bluegrass and Level 27, consider testing out a machine that you’ve never used before.

Build an indoor fort.
Because who doesn’t love blanket and pillow forts?

Try out a new hobby.
The New Year is the perfect time to step outside of your comfort zone and tackle those resolutions!

Plan a spontaneous trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. Or even better, travel somewhere warm!

Visit family.
The end of fall semester makes for the best time to visit all of your friends and family that you’ve missed while away at school!

What do you like to do for fun in the winter? We want to hear your ideas!

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