8 Stain Fighters That Will Surprise You

Stain sticks and bleach pens aren’t the only means for removing stubborn spots and smudges. In fact, some of the best remedies are completely unexpected!

To see what we mean, check out this list of surprising stain fighters:

  • remove baby formula using meat tenderizer & water
  • remove coffee using baking soda
  • remove ink using hand sanitizer
  • remove lipstick using white bread
  • remove makeup using shaving cream
  • remove mildew smell using vinegar
  • remove oil & grease using chalk
  • remove sweat using lemon juice

No matter the stain, it’s always best to rinse the affected area with cold water. If traces of the stain linger, apply the appropriate stain fighter and launder with detergent in the warmest water the fabric can withstand without being damaged.

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For even more stain fighters, read these Tips for Removing 10 of the Worst Stains.

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