10 Tips For Hosting The Best Backyard Bash Ever

Fresh air and sunshine make outdoor parties a fun alternative to traditional soirees. Host the best backyard bash ever with these 10 tips.

  • Create “zones” for food, drinks, games, handwashing, trash, etc. so your guests can easily locate what they need.
  • Line clothes hampers or baskets with trash bags and label them “trash” and “recycling.”
  • Make utensils easy to find by wrapping a fork, knife, and spoon inside a napkin.
  • Fill a kiddie pool with ice to create a fun cooler for food.
  • Write the names of your guests on rubber bands that they can put around their glasses.
  • Keep drinks bug-free by placing cupcake liners over cups.
  • Put condiments and toppings in muffin tins to keep them all in one place.
  • Scoop ice cream onto parchment lined baking sheets, insert a craft spoon into each, and place them in the freezer to make serving more efficient.
  • Hide a glowstick at the bottom of your drink bucket so guests can find what they want, even in the dark.
  • Have bugspray and sunscreen on hand for guests. Thoughtful touches like this make a party memorable.

Hosting an outdoor party is even easier when you have a private patio, like the lucky residents at Worthington Meadows in Worthington, Ohio and College Park in Columbus, Ohio. To create a relaxed ambience once the sun sets, consider decorating your patio with white outdoor lights.

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