The Best Brunch Spots In Detroit

If you’re looking for a breakfast feast, head to downtown Detroit! The city is filled with dozens of restaurants serving up your favorite pancakes, french toast, omelettes, and most importantly mimosas.

Which brunch spot should you try? We found five downtown Detroit brunch menus that are sure to leave you drooling.

Downtown Detroit Brunch Restaurants:

Parks & Rec Diner | 1942 Grand River Drive

The Brooklyn Street Local | 1266 Michigan Ave

Dime Store | 719 Griswold Street

Honest John’s | 488 Selden Street

The Hudson Cafe | 1241 Woodward Ave

If you live in a Paragon apartment community, these brunch spots are just a short drive away. Lucky you!

Did your fave Downtown Detroit brunch spot not make the list? Tell us your go-to restaurants in the comments below!

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