Cleaning Before Company Comes Over In 12 Easy Steps

Tidying up your apartment before guests arrive can be nerve-wracking. Even with advance notice it’s often a race to the finish, as most people don’t have all day to clean.

Quickly get your home in order with these 12 cleaning, storage and staging tips:

1. If you’re an apartment dweller lucky enough to have a private entryway (like the folks living at Gateway Lakes in Grove City, Ohio), keep it neat by storing umbrellas, mail and the like in wicker bins or baskets near the door.

2. Dust your living room’s coffee table, end tables, and TV with a microfiber cloth.

3. Put clutter into a laundry basket and hide it.

4. Knock down cobwebs.

5. Fluff up decorative pillows and neatly arrange them.

6. Clean up kitchen counters by putting dirty dishes and flatware in the dishwasher (all the apartments at Worthington Meadows in Worthington,Ohio have one) and wiping them down.

7. Move toiletries and makeup from bathroom counters to cabinets.

8. Clean your toilet.

9. Clean all mirrors.

10. Replenish hand soap and toilet paper.

11. Sprinkle coffee grounds or tea leaves in your fireplace (all the apartments at College Park in Columbus, Ohio have gas log fireplaces with slate hearths) to keep dust from rising and to snuff out the smell of stale embers.

12. Empty garbage bins and take out the trash.

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