Cooking For One

For us single folk – or for those of us who live alone – buying food and cooking meals can be a tricky task usually ending up in way too many leftovers. And if you’re a college student living on your own, like the residents at The Courtyards in Gainesville, being careful about your grocery money is even more important!

Stop wasting food and money and start cooking smarter with these tips on cooking for one.

Plan Ahead & Don’t Overbuy
A simple trip to the grocery store can get out of hand pretty quickly, especially if you don’t know what you want or how much of it you need. Who hasn’t been in a situation of buying produce that ends up rotting in the back of your fridge?

Our advice? Plan your meals ahead of time. Knowing exactly what you need will keep you focused when food shopping and avoid purchasing unnecessary items. Instead of buying prepackaged amounts of ingredients, try shopping from the bulk bins and deli counter to get the exact amount you need at a smaller price.

In most cases, leftovers are inevitable when making meals. And if you don’t feel like eating that same meal again the next day, consider repurposing it into another meal. Be creative!

Next time you go to toss out foods that are going to expire, remember that most produce, meats, and grains can be easily frozen and thawed at a later date.

Do you have any genius tips on cooking for one? Share them with us in the comments!

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