Feng Shui Basics For Every Room In Your Home

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone within a given space. By applying its principles to your apartment’s decor, you can encourage health, wealth, and happiness in your home.

For 10 feng shui basics that will make your living environment better able to support you, rather than hold you back or work against you, keep reading.

Living Room

Dining Room

  • Use high-quality table linens and curtains to promote intimacy and absorb sound.
  • Use a round or oval table; it’s best to avoid sharp corners.


  • Never leave out dirty dishes on your counter. Clutter and untidiness drains energy from the room.
  • Layer several types of light fixtures to encourage positive energy.


  • Keep the space under your bed as clear as possible, as clutter limits energy flow while you sleep.
  • Avoid mirrors that reflect you while you sleep, as this can be draining.

Home Office

  • Make sure you’re able to see the door from your desk, and that you’re not facing a wall, to put yourself in the “power position.”
  • Set up your desk for success using a bagua map. Each quadrant represents the nine major life areas.

Pets in the home are also beneficial, as they help move energy around. Lucky for residents at 40 West in Columbus, Ohio and Gateway Lakes in Grove City, Ohio, both communities allow up to two pets per apartment.

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