How To Host The Perfect Movie Night

Are you ever tempted to stay in instead of going out with friends, but resist because you don’t necessarily want to be alone?

Well, we have the perfect solution: host a movie night!

And if you live in an apartment community with a movie theater on site, like the residents at Hilltop Club in Bowling Green, Kentucky and 100 Midtown in Atlanta, you’ve got an ideal venue.

To plan an A-list viewing party, check out these four tips:

Pick a Flick
The movie you screen sets the mood for the night. If you plan to watch multiple movies, a theme —like ‘80s teen movies or horror films— lets guests know what to expect. Or you can give them options and vote once everyone arrives.

Get the Word Out
Send invitations at least a week in advance. In addition to date, time and location, you can include the movie title(s), what guests should bring (if anything), what you’ll be serving, and what they should wear (if it’s a sleepover or costume party).

Serve Snacks
No movie night is complete without popcorn; you might even want to have a few flavors on hand. We also suggest serving other snacks you typically buy at the theater: soda, candy, etc.

Kick Back and Relax
Offer your guests blankets and pillows to help them get comfy.

Got any other tips for planning a memorable movie night? Leave them in the comments!

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