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The world at times can be a perilous place to be in. You could be strolling down a street, staying in a motel room for a couple of nights or even driving in your vehicle and still not veer off the probability of encountering a life-threatening situation. Among the many ways that you can use to minimize this risk is investing in outstanding personal alarms for your situation. There are myriads of personal alarms that have been crafted to ensure that people at home, in hotels and cars, are safer.

However, as much as purchasing personal alarms is a good idea; it is prudent for you to search for the ones that are most suitable for you. This is mainly because personal alarms have numerous features included to them as well as prices that vary from one personal alarm to another. In light of this, there is a need for us to know what we should consider when purchasing personal alarms. Below is an in-depth review of a framework that you could use to find out what to look out for when buying your personal alarm.


How to Choose the Best Personal Safety Devices

How Readily Available Are Your Personal Alarm Devices?

The best personal safety devices are those that are easily accessible or can be retrieved efficiently when the need to use them arises. In case you are being attacked, it is highly likely that it will be in the form of a surprise. This means that no assailant will give you time to find your alarm and sound it.

Therefore, it is wise for you to use personal alarm devices that are readily available to come to your aid. Some of such alarms include snap buckle and keychain alarms. These alarm systems allow for immediate activation at any particular time once you pull a cord which in turn sounds the alarm and doesn’t stop until you re-insert the cord.

These types of alarms are the best for people traveling abroad, shoppers and students among other groups because they are suitable for protecting computers, and backpacks. There’s hardly any thief that would want to keep bags with sirens attached to them as they will draw unnecessary attention.

Go for a Device with a Magnetic Dock or Charging Cradle

Charging cradles are another component of the features of a personal alert safety system that you should look for. This is because it helps in ensuring that the best personal safety devices have been plugged in and never die out of battery power when you carry them outside of your home. A personal defense product with this feature can sit in a particular place in your home thus making it less fiddly when charging. With these aspects in place, you find that your alarm device will ever be charging; hence increasing its reliability in case of danger arises.

What`s the Alarm`s Size and Weight?

The best personal safety devices are the ones that are easy to carry around without compromising on their primary function of raising the alarm in case of danger. The good thing is that there have been extraordinary leaps in the field of technology, hence making it possible to have small devices with loud alarm sounds.

Therefore, don`t be stuck with the notion that for you to have an effective alarm, you need a device that weighs as much as a phone. You can have a device that is as small as a matchbox and still proves to be the loudest personal alarm that you will come across.

The Battery Size of Your Personal Defense Product

Ensure that you find out the type of battery that your alarm uses. Without adequate power, even the best personal safety devices are not different from decorative key chains. Also, find out if their batteries are readily available in case the need for replacement arises. It goes without saying that the personal defense device with a big battery size as well as a battery that can is readily available at your local stores should be your go-to option when looking for alarm devices.



As the adage goes, “It is better to be safe than sorry.” In the world we live in during these present times, it is only prudent for you to have safety plans in place rather than give them the cold shoulder and suffer dire consequences when you least expect. Some of the personal defense strategies that people use include the use of pepper spray and the best personal safety devices such as alarms. Above is a guide that will ensure that you know what to look out for when you go searching for an alarm for your personal safety needs.

Are there any other tips that have worked for you when choosing the best personal safety devices? Do you know of where to buy self defense products at affordable prices? Please share with us by commenting below.


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