Kitchen Organization Tips

Cups, bowls, plates, utensils, pots, pans… With all of these eating essentials, plus all of your groceries, it doesn’t take much for a clean kitchen to turn into a disaster zone.

And if you have the luxury of having a full-size kitchen with appliances (like at Village at Bluegrass in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan), organizing your kitchen so that you can find everything you want when you need it can benefit you greatly next time you cook a big meal.

Use these simple tips to avoid the clutter:

Large and odd-shaped Items like pots, pans, and measuring cups can quickly take up unnecessary space in your cabinets. An easy way to save space is to hang these items from hooks.

Not only does this save space, it also makes these items super simple to grab when you’re ready to cook.

Say goodbye to the junk drawer! Using dividers in drawers and cabinets is the best way to organize that dreaded drawer full of assorted kitchen gadgets.

Here is a cheap and easy way to divide your drawers.

We all know leftovers are essential, especially for students. We also know that with a cabinet full of containers, finding the right lid for your tupperware is like finding a needle in a haystack.

This clever organization tip resolves this problem.

Are we forgetting anything? Let us know your kitchen organization tips in the comments!

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