Kitchen Storage Ideas

It’s easy to let clutter in your kitchen get out of hand, especially if you’re a busy college student on-the-go (like the ones at Spyglass Apartments in Gainesville, FL and Level 27 Apartments in Oxford, OH).

Don’t fret! We’ve come up with three easy solutions to keep your kitchen essentials organized and easy to find!

1. Hang A Mug Rack

Hanging a rack will not only keep your mugs organized and easy to find, it can also double as a pretty display of your diverse and eclectic mug collection!

2. Use Racks & Bins For Tupperware

We all know how difficult it can be sometimes to find matching Tupperware! Use sorting racks and bins to keep all of your lids and bottoms efficiently organized.

3. Use Dividers in Drawers

Say goodbye to the dreaded junk drawer! Use dividers to split up pull-out drawers in your kitchen in order to separate utensils, measuring cups, etc.

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