Make Life Easier With These 6 Laundry Hacks

You can’t get out of doing laundry— at least not without offending those around you.

But you can make the task a little easier and…prettier? Check out these six laundry hacks and you’ll see what we mean.

Oh, and these hacks are applicable to those who have washers and dryers in their apartments (like the folks at 100 Midtown in Atlanta and Hilltop Club in Bowling Green, KY ), as well as those who don’t.

Sort It Out
Designate different laundry baskets for darks, colors, whites, towels, clothes you have to hang dry, etc., and you’ll never have to sort your loads again.

Pick Your Pockets
At some point, we’ve all done it: left something in our pockets that got all over our clothes in the wash. To prevent that, use a jar specifically for pocket finds. The jar will remind you to check your pockets and keep your change, receipts, etc. from littering your laundry area or bedroom.

Form And Function
Store your detergent in attractive containers. It won’t increase their effectiveness, but it will make your laundry area look nicer. Use a drink dispenser for liquid detergent and a cookie jar for powder.

Dry Out
Tape a laundry bag to the inside of your dryer door to easily dry your gym shoes. No more waiting for them to air dry.

Match It Up
Fold your sheets and put them inside one of the matching pillowcases to keep your sets organized.

Make It Mobile
Sick of carrying your laundry basket from room to room? Put your baskets on wheels with a DIY mobile laundry station. This is also a great way to keep baskets off the floor and out of your way.

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