Note Taking Tips

A new semester has started, which means a new set of classes are underway! Get ahead of the curve by learning how you take notes best. Check out below for a few of our best note taking tips!

Create A Table Of Contents For Your Notebooks
Save a few pages in the front of your notebook for a table of contents and number your pages as you go. This way, at the end of the semester with a full notebook you’ll have no problem finding the specific information you need!

Practice Shorthand
If you’re writing notes by hand, practice creating abbreviations for words and phrases that you use often. These will soon become second nature to you as you’re writing and will help you jot your notes down quicker and more efficiently.

Color Code
This one is pretty straight forward. Use markers or highlighters to underline, mark up and divide your key terms and notes into a way that makes most sense to you.

Figure Out What’s Best For You
Everyone has different tips and tricks that work best for them. Test out options and find what helps you the most! Sometimes it’s a matter of location.

Lucky for students at The Courtyards in Gainesville and The Village at Bluegrass in Mt. Pleasant, a study room is available on-site for individual and group study sessions.

Leave your other note taking tips in the comments below!

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