Pool Party Essentials


Blue skies. Warm sun. Cool water. Mix these together and you have the perfect ingredients for a summer pool party! Check out our top five pool party essentials!




Every great party needs delicious food! Chips, snack mixes and appetizers are all simple and cheap options that will keep your guests happy. Don’t feel like cooking? Host a potluck and have all your friends bring a dish of their choice.

These awesome apartment complexes have barbeque grills conveniently located near their swimming pools that are perfect for making hot dogs and hamburgers.

Want some more food inspiration? Click here for our best tips on grilling vegetables.



Even though it’s a pool party, some of your guests may prefer to lounge poolside. Having ample seating will make sure that your friends are comfortable whether they are in the pool or outside the pool.

These apartment complexes even have hammocks and cabanas to lounge in! Nap time anyone?



One thing that is sure to bring your party to life is music! Portable bluetooth speakers are handy for lounging poolside and conveniently connect right up to your phone!

If you don’t have time to put together the perfect collection of songs, we’ve got you covered with our Ultimate Summer BBQ Playlist.



Have a pretty extensive guest list? You’re going to need a lot of room! Try to find a party venue that will accommodate all of your friends without feeling packed like sardines.

These apartment communities have some pretty cool venues to host large pool parties!

Resident Events


Join in the fun without all the effort! Many apartment complexes host pool parties during the summertime so that you don’t have to plan your own.

Here are just a few communities with planned resident events!

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