Things Pet Owners Should Consider When Apartment Hunting

When you’re looking for an apartment, there’s a lot to think about: bedrooms, rent, location. And animal owners have even more to consider.

Is the community pet friendly? And if so, how much is that going to cost in a pet deposit and pet rent?

Pet policies are often published online, like this one for The Palms on University apartments in Riverside, California. If you have questions about a policy, be sure to call the property’s leasing office.

Living in a community where your animal isn’t just tolerated, but welcome, is also important.

Look for signs that a community encourages pet ownership, like pet pictures or posts about pets on its Facebook page, says Donte Brock of 777 Place Apartments in Pomona, California.

Other things pet owners should consider when apartment hunting:

  • Does the community have green space where you can walk and play with your pet?
  • Are there pet waste stations in the community that help make it easier to clean up after your pet?
  • Is the community close to a veterinarian or pet hospital (like Pomona’s Western University Pet Health Center)?

Make sure to ask these questions early in your apartment search. The answers can greatly impact your options!

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