Tips for Pet Owners in Apartments

Living in an apartment with a pet can be tough. With a bit of creativity, there are plenty of easy ways to help create a comfortable living environment for you and your pets. Here are our best tips for pet owners in apartments:

Explore Your Neighborhood

Knowing areas to take your pet outside for exercise can be vital for pets living in small quarters, especially if your community does not provide an efficient amount of green space. Are there parks near by? Bike/running paths? Doing some research and exploring your neighborhood can be very beneficial (and fun!) for both you and your furry companion.

Create Space

A little bit of organization in your apartment can go a long way. Apartment spaces can be tight, so creating as much room as possible can help make both you and your pet happier. For times where you know you will be out of the apartment for a long period of time, make sure that your pet has plenty of toys to entertain them and space to roam while you’re away.

Be Social

Get to know your neighbors. You may find that they also have some pet friends to play with yours! You also want to pay attention to what events are going on in your apartment community. Some communities such as The Village of Bluegrass Apartments in Mount Pleasant, MI even host events specifically for pet owners.

Follow The Rules

Be aware of your community’s pet policy. Policies can vary greatly from property to property, so it’s important to know about any fees or breed/weight restrictions that may apply to you. Bending the rules can lead to serious consequences and even eviction.

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