Your First Apartment: 15 Kitchen Essentials

There’s nothing worse than starting to make a meal and realizing you don’t have the kitchen items necessary to finish it.

Dishwashers and granite countertops —like the ones at The Palms on University in Riverside, California and The Lofts in Morgantown, West Virginia, respectively— are nice. But without the basics, you’re toast. (Or living on it.)

To help you get cookin,’ we’ve compiled a handy-dandy list of 15 kitchen essentials:

  1. Knife Set
  2. Measuring Cups
  3. Measuring Spoons
  4. Can Opener
  5. Colander
  6. Stock Pot
  7. Saucepan
  8. Saute Pan
  9. Cutting Board
  10. Frying Pan
  11. Mixing Bowls
  12. Silicone Spatula
  13. Cookie Sheet
  14. Whisk
  15. Hand Mixer

You also might want to check out this starter grocery list.

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