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Apartminty was lucky enough to attend and present at the Apartment Internet Marketing Conference {AIM} this year. We were floored by all the brilliant marketing minds and ideas that were being executed across the country. One idea that really struck us was presented by Lori Webb from Associated Estates. We loved her idea so much that we asked Lori if we could highlight it in our blog. Lori was generous enough to guest blog this week and share her awesome ideas with you!

Chances are, if you are from one of the Southern states, you have heard of the Parade of Homes or Showcase of Homes. This beautifully orchestrated display of new homes is usually hosted over a series of weekends and brings out buyers from near and far. The elaborately decorated homes are on display and usually entice quite a few people to make purchases during the event.

We decided to take this concept to the apartment industry. Associated Estates launched the first ever Showcase of Apartment Homes in November of 2014. 55 apartment communities in our portfolio held weekend-long Open Houses with branded material, special promotions, and exciting themes.

There was a clear strategy from the very beginning of the rollout with goals, implementation, and coaches all well defined for the teams involved. We also pulled in corporate team members to work on site and support our teams. This event motivated, energized and brought teams together to accomplish an amazing goal.

The goal we set for ourselves was to host a record-breaking event and we did just that. In fact, the success of the 1st #SOAH we held in November was so great that we rolled out a 2nd #SOAH in April with even bigger and better results

Here is how the concept was presented to the teams:


Purpose: This Open House will be designed to push our properties to reach full potential with their renewals, occupancy and rents. Let the fun and planning begin!

Goal: To achieve the highest number of leases and renewals in company history!   In one week’s time, our goal is to secure 300 new leases 650 new pieces of traffic and 105 renewals portfolio-wide.

Strategy:  Over the next week, teams will meet to prepare a tentative outline, theme, budget, specials/promotions and review with your Regional.

Coaches:  We have paired a leader from corporate with each region.  Each coach will fight it out for all the glory (think The Voice!).  They will be responsible for motivating their team to achieve their goals and mentor them along as needed.

Awards:  When the results have been tallied, we will be rewarding those properties that have done an exceptional job with the challenge. Below are the categories that awards will be given for.

  • Highest rent increase on new leases
  • Highest rent increase on a renewal
  • Highest number of maintenance turns for the prior week
  • Best team effort- including maintenance
  • Most creatively implemented SOAH
  • Best social media property marketing for SOAH
  • Most creative Craigslist ads for the SOAH
  • Highest number of leases for the week for a property 250+ units
  • Highest number of leases for the week for a property 250- units
  • Highest renewals for the week for a property 250+
  • Highest renewals for the week for a property 250-

Corporate Involvement: The properties need your support so during this weekend, we ask that you go out and attend several of the Open Houses.  You will also have a chance to win something! For every property you visit, take a selfie by the property sign.  Every selfie you submit from a different property puts you into a drawing for a $250 Visa Gift Card.


showcase 2

Our 2nd #SOAH was an enormous success!  Even better than the first. Not only did we meet our goal of 300 new leases 650 new pieces of traffic and 105 renewals, we surpassed it with 332 new leases, 738 pieces of traffic and 238 renewals!

Our 2nd #SOAH had a 73% year over year increase in applications, 194% year over year increase in renewals and 105% year over year increase in traffic!  YOWZZZZA!!!

It is amazing what teams can do with a little creativity, direction and support! The teams did their own local marketing and some of the creative themes included Mystery Clue, Cirque du Soleil, and a Food Truck Rodeo! All of the graphics were created by the in-house graphic expert, Michelle Forkosh.  Additionally, Lori Webb and Amanda Irwin from the marketing team executed company wide marketing and advertising initiatives.


So as you can see, when you implement goals and team competition into your marketing strategy, you can spark and inspire your team.  That leads the way to marketing greatness and leasing success!  Thank you Lori for sharing your awesome idea!  Have questions for Lori about how she planned and implemented the Showcase of Apartment Homes?  Leave us a comment and we’ll do a follow up blog!

Happy Marketing!


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