3 Apps Every Renter Needs

It seems like companies have come up with an app for every aspect of life nowadays – and it’s true. Thousands of these free and paid apps are available right in your pocket .

For renters (especially those with roommates) there are many apps that are changing the game for apartment dwellers everywhere.

Here are 3 apps renters should download right now:

Put down the checkbook. With a few simple clicks, transfer the money you owe to your housemates with ease. Perfect for bills, splitting grocery costs, and more!

OurGroceries is your go-to for creating and sharing shopping lists. Running low on toilet paper? Need to remember to buy special ingredients for your next dinner? Then this app is for you.

Manage your shared bills, supplies, and chores – all in once place. It even includes a “whiteboard” that acts as a messaging board between all of your roommates! This app is perfect for student renters, like the ones at Level 27 in Oxford, OH and The Courtyards in Gainesville, FL. 

Have you been using a renter-friendly app that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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