4 Cool Storage Ideas

When it comes to making your apartment look its best, a little organization goes a long way. And you don’t have to spend big bucks to tidy up. linenbaskets

Cancel that trip to The Container Store, and consider these four cool storage ideas instead:

Use Baskets for Linens 
Inexpensive baskets can be found at just about any mass retailer. Hang them on a wall with nails or hooks (depending on how tight the weave is) and voilà! Storage that doesn’t take up precious floor or closet space.

Use a Vase for Kitchen Utensils
Not a lot of drawer space in your kitchen? Not a problem. This $20 Ikea vase (which can also be used as a pitcher) is a great place to store whisks, spoons and the like. Plus, it just looks good sitting on a counter (like the nice marble ones at The Reserve on West 31st in Lawrence, Kansas).

Use a Spice Rack for Nail Polish
I don’t know anyone who owns just one bottle of nail polish. It multiplies. Like rabbits. Get it out of your cabinet and up on a wall with the help of a spice rack. A fresh coat of paint will take it from plain to pretty.

Use a Cake Stand for Bath and Shower Products
Even if you have your own bathroom, there’s only so much space in your shower for bottles. A tiered cake stand offers stylish storage that can sit on your bathroom counter or even a dresser.

If you’ve gotten organized, but you think your apartment is still a little underwhelming, check out these 7 decorating tips for renters.

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