5 Tips For Decorating Your Living Room On A Budget

Let’s be real: Most of us don’t have the money to completely redecorate our living room. Thankfully, when it comes to refreshing a space, a little bit goes a long way.

Here are five living room decor ideas that are easy to execute and won’t break the bank:

Get thrifty You know what they say: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But instead of dumpster diving, take a trip to your local thrift store. The prices are cheap, the merchandise is varied and, with a little paint, you could end up with a unique piece.

Stack ‘em low You don’t even have to spend money to create a stand. Just stack some books you already own (preferably ones you don’t read often) and voila! If you live in an apartment that comes fully furnished (like the apartments at 777 Place in Pomona, California or 100 Midtown in Atlanta), this a great way to personalize it.

Use Instagrams as art Print your favorite Instagram pics and hang them up. Social Print Studio will even frame them for you.

Frame old T-shirts Got a T-shirt (or five) that you can’t let go of? Put them on your walls instead of on your back.

Add throw pillows A new sofa can be a pricey purchase, so spruce yours up with a few decorative pillows. For a less traditional look, use an odd number of pillows.

We’d love to hear your living room decorating ideas! Share them in the comments.

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