5 Ways To Beautify Your Balcony

All content apartment dwellers have one thing in common: They maximize every inch of living space they have.

That includes the outdoor living space that balconies provide. (Residents at The Palms on University in Riverside California and The Reserve on West 31st in Lawrence, Kansas— take note.)

Gain privacy, seating and more with these five simple additions that will make your balcony better, no matter the size.

Shield your balcony from prying eyes without completely blocking sunlight by hanging camouflage netting. You can find it at your local army surplus store.

Simple Seats
Top a chest or crates with cushions to create rectangular seating that borders your balcony, leaving room for other furniture and accessories in the center.

Bistro Set
Full-size tables and chairs are too big for most balconies. Bistro sets are a great dining alternative, and often made of weather-resistant materials.

Plants will not only make your balcony look more attractive, but also can yield fresh herbs for cooking or cocktails.

Is there anything more synonymous with outdoor relaxation than a hammock? To make your own, check out this DIY guide.

Before you decorate, make sure to check with your landlord so you don’t violate the terms of your lease.

Got any tips for beautifying a balcony? Share them in the comments!

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