Advantages of Studio Apartments

While apartment hunting, studio apartments are typically seen as the “bottom of the barrel” choice when it comes to deciding on a place to call home. But what many don’t see is that choosing to live in a smaller space has its perks.

Those living in big cities, like New York City or Chicago, often prefer this lifestyle. Here’s why:


One of the biggest advantages of studio apartments is the cost. Choosing a studio rather than a 1-bedroom can save you loads on rent, especially if you share the space with another person.

If you rent a studio apartment that is a part of an apartment community, such as Reside Living apartments in Chicago, you gain the additional benefit of having access to community amenities such as fitness centers, concierge services and more.


The location of where you live is key to being able to easily access the best restaurants, shopping and nightlife that your city has to offer. Opting for a smaller space and spending less on rent can land you a more desirable location.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time outside of your apartment anyways, picking location over square footage can be a great trade off.


A smaller space means less room that needs to be furnished, less room that needs to be decorated and less room that needs to be cleaned – creating both time and money that can be spent elsewhere. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

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