How to Bounce Back After Overeating on Holiday


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How to Bounce Back After Overeating on a Holiday

You indulged in too much food and drink during your holiday, and now your whole body feels it. You’re probably wondering: how to bounce back after the holidays? You are at the right place! However, we don’t offer you a crash yo-yo diet (after all, they are all over the internet). These are an easy set of guidelines that will curb your appetite, and return you to the right eating habits that will help you reduce your weight.

Make weekly decisions

Running, cycling (which includes a room bike), dancing as well as swimming are all aerobic activities. Also, cardio exercises that involve explosive movements in specific repetition series are quite useful for losing weight. With the right equipment and activewear, your performance will reach its full potential, and you can learn what you will need right here. Low- and medium-intensity aerobic activities are highly recommended. They will not only help you engage all your muscles but will increase your oxygen flow. The aerobic exercise will put you in the fat-burning zone.

Set your pace of exercising correctly. It should be at the intensity that allows you to breathe all the time. It would be best if you didn’t reach that stage when it is difficult to catch your breath. The minimum time you should exercise is at least half an hour.

Help yourself reach your goals

Don’t make many changes at once, as this can frustrate you, and you can easily give up. Instead, introduce one dietary meal over one week. Start with a more modest goal. If you decide to lose 10-15% of the total weight you want to lose, you have the best chance of reaching the final goal and leaner figure. It is more acceptable for your mind to stay motivated for more short term goals when it comes to weight reduction.

Eat more often

People who successfully maintain their body weight on average eat five times a day. Light, more frequent meals will curb your appetite, boost energy levels, improve mood, and speed up your metabolism.

Don’t eat in a hurry or while standing. Set the table each time you need to eat. Consciously prepare yourself for the food you will eat and be aware of every mouthful you take. If you eat chips, put them in a bowl and thus avoid eating the whole bag of chips.

Increase your protein intake

Studies have shown that high-protein meals keep you lean for longer and burn more calories during digestion. Just be careful not to overdo it. It is advisable to have turkey and chicken quite often while you can eat red meat occasionally. Make sure you control your portions.

Drink more water

People often mix thirst and hunger, so instead of drinking water, they reach for food. Drinking water gives you a feeling of satiety. Experts recommend that we drink water before eating and take a few sips of warm water with the meal. Moreover, If you feel uncomfortable for too long, considering IV treatments like NYC Wegovy prescription might help you feel better faster. These treatments can provide essential nutrients to your bloodstream and support to improve your well-being after overindulging.

Avoid carbonated drinks

Those drinks are very high in calories, and you can easily spoil your daily calorie intake by reaching for a can of these. If you are thirsty, take water or unsweetened iced tea instead.

Be careful with alcohol

Remember that alcohol is also a source of calories and that a glass of wine contains 160 calories. Not to mention cocktails, those have a calorific value equal to a rich dessert. If you are going on a diet, try to stick to water.


Set realistic goals

It’s reachable to lose one pound a week. Top weight loss programs recommend that you maintain the weight for the next six months after you lose the first 10 pounds before going on a diet again. Studies have shown that the craving for food only lasts for 20 minutes. So before you reach for food, give yourself those 20 minutes to do something so that you will forget about the food.

Be positive and optimistic

Experts say low self-esteem is a key cause of overeating. Train yourself to focus on your qualities, not your shortcomings. Buy the right clothes and encourage yourself with the current weight instead of being frustrated and dissatisfied. Find the right makeup and hairstyle, and your beautiful appearance will further stimulate your confidence.

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