Minimalist Lifestyle: Tiny Steps for Beginners

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Minimalist Lifestyle: Tiny Steps for Beginners

In this modern world, there are more and more people who tend to own less, spend less, and ultimately need less to live. Some go to extremes to live a minimalist lifestyle. You don’t have to go this far, as you can get to the minimalist style gradually and in the way that suits you. There are several ways in which you can begin your “minimalist journey.”

Invest in quality things

Invest in high-quality things and get rid of everything else. The only things you keep around yourself should be those that are clean, whole, and meaningful. When you want to buy something new, let your choice be the quality things you really like. Don’t keep accessories, shoes, and makeup that you don’t use, that is broken, dirty, or has a poor quality. Those accessories are what represent you! If you want to live a quality minimalist lifestyle, you can find out more about the things you choose to enrich your life.

Go again through your closet

Many women say that they have nothing to wear. Unnecessary items in the wardrobe cause us to lose more time to choose clothes. The trick is only to have things that fit together and that you love. If you haven’t worn it for a year, don’t be fooled into still keeping it.

Clean up your cyber world

Many people forget that they have a surplus of useless websites on their computer or phone. Unsubscribing from hundreds of Facebook pages, unfollowing dozens of accounts on Twitter and Instagram will make you feel relieved because those pages and followers don’t bring anything to your life. Celebrity life rumors or Instagram profiles of skinny girls are more demotivating than a motivator.

Set a clear goal for yourself

Ask yourself how you want your minimalist home to look. There is no universal way to resort to a minimalist style; we can all have our own way. If you are not sure where to start, it is best to start with something you are not that passionate about (clothes, pictures, decorations).

Get rid of the unnecessary things

Getting rid of things is the most obvious step, but it’s not very easy for people who feel a great attachment to their stuff. Start slowly; it’s best to donate everything you don’t need. A good trick is to hide some things you can’t throw away for a while to see how you function without them. Constantly remind yourself that removing excess stuff from your life will make you feel better and freer.

Teach yourself to live with less

If you have been accustomed to living comfortably and giving yourself all the pleasures for a long time, it may be too much of a shock to switch to minimalism. To begin with, train yourself to feel what things you can and can’t give up.

Forgive yourself the mistakes and move on

No change in life is easy, and it will often happen that you give up for a short time. Forgive yourself the mistakes, go over that impulsive purchase, get rid of those extra details that you’ve started to pile up again, and, most importantly – move on. Enjoying the simplicity of home and life will help you feel better in the space you live in and turn your energy to some other, far more important things.


Don’t fall into the vortex of consumerism

It is easier to maintain order than to create one. Getting rid of excess things can make you free and happy at the same time. The minimalism you start practicing will allow you to decide what is and who is around you freely. Not only will you save money, but you also will not be overwhelmed with a multitude of duties, and it will be easier to find the things you need.

Ask yourself an important question

It’s not about having as little and doing as little as possible, but about having as much as we need for activities that make us happy. Ask yourself if this thing is necessary, and when was the last time that you used it?

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